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Research Strengths

At present, the Department has four research groups: Communications Research Group, Multimedia Signal Processing Research Group, Nonlinear Circuits and Systems Research Group, and Photonic Systems and Devices Research Group. These research groups are led by internationally renowned professors who are Fellows of IEEE or Royal Academy of Engineering.

Besides serving/having served as associate editors of reputable international journals, our colleagues are/were editors-in-chief of IEEE journals such as IEEE Transactions of Circuits and Systems II, IEEE Circuits and Systems Magazine, IEEE Circuits and Systems Newsletter; Vice-President of the IEEE Signal Processing Society, President-Elect of the Asia Pacific Signal and Information Association, and Chang Jiang Scholars Chair Professor. They are also serving / have served as the General / Technical Program Chairmen of some of the largest and most reputable international conferences such as IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, IEEE International Conference on Multimedia & Expo, International Conference on Digital Signal Processing, Optoelectronics and Communications Conference. Our colleagues are frequently invited to give keynotes / plenary talks in IEEE international conferences and workshops. Recently, our professors have been the co-investigators of two theme-based research projects and have received a total funding of over $18M from the Research Grants Council. The Department has further received more than $15M research funding from Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.


Main Research Areas

Communications Research Group

  • Optical/wireless communication systems and networks
  • Transmission technology for high capacity optical communication systems
  • Distributed optical fibre sensing systems
  • Visible light communications
  • Design and error floor study of low-density parity-check codes
  • Full-duplex wireless communication systems
  • Acoustic sensing


Signal Processing and Artificial Intelligence Research Group

  • Fundamentals of digital signal processing
  • Image and video technologies (super-resolution videos, video coding, H.264, HEVC, 3D and multi-view videos)
  • Video surveillance under big data environment (data mining, internet of things (IoT), augmented reality)
  • Pattern recognition and object tracking for robotic applications (face recognition, scene analysis, particle filtering)
  • Medical imaging and bio-informatics (DNA sequence analysis and DSP for forensic applications)


Nonlinear Circuits and Systems Research Group

  • Power electronics
  • Lighting and energy systems
  • Complex networks
  • Nonlinear dynamics
  • Sensor networks
  • Communication networks and systems


Photonic Systems and Devices Research Group

  • Microscopy techniques for 3D imaging and localized detection of analytes
  • Experimental and theoretical research for the development of modern semiconductor optoelectronic devices (Photovoltaic cells and III-V nitride based optoelectronic devices)