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Main Research Areas

Photonics & Smart Materials and Devices Technologies (PSMDT)

  • Focuses on specialty optical fibers, fiber sensors, ultra high-speed transmission systems, novel electro-magneto-thermo-mechanooptical multifunctional smart materials and smart sensing.
  • Includes a world-class research facility for fabrication of micro/nano biomedical devices, lab-on-a-chip, and complex fibre gratings.
  • Developed world's record-breaking high speed optical transmission system for data center applications.
  • Developed wireless sensors for MTRC for railway electrical traction power monitoring, Thailand’s Sky Train in EMI detection, and partial discharge monitoring of distribution cables in Macao. It has attracted HK$5 million from E-T-A, Germany to develop power-supply free, passive magneto-electric, smart current and magnetic field sensor technologies.
  • The creation of HK$10 million Smart Materials & Systems Laboratory in 2012 further advanced the smart railway and smart grid research and allowed the development of novel self-sustainable wireless sensors to support the research activities of the PES and PEU groups.


Railway Engineering (RE)

  • The Smart Railway Research Laboratory, a PolyU-Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (HK) Joint Laboratory, formed in 2006, demonstrated our capabilities in enhancing photonic sensing networks through the development of the world’s first Smart Railway Monitoring System.
  • Established a very strong partnership with MTRC in the development of large-scale Condition Monitoring Systems (CDS) to enhance the safety aspects of local trains and metros.
  • Expanded work scope to beyond Hong Kong, including Singapore, Australia and Europe.


Power & Energy Systems (PES)

  • Focuses on developing novel analytical methods for different power system planning and operational problems; and new technologies and emerging devices essential for building an efficient and reliable power grid of the future, i.e. the smart grid.
  • Leads and involves in two large scale research projects (on smart microgrid and future grid for high renewables respectively) funded by Hong Kong RGC Theme Based Research Scheme.
  • Developed two commercial grade software packages for solving optimal reactive power flow and unit commitment problems which are being used by Chongqing Electric Power Corporation in China and CLP in Hong Kong.


Power Electronics & Utilization (PEU)

  • Focuses on DC distribution and high frequency AC distribution for future grids and magnetic distribution for wireless power transfer.
  • Conducted research in environmental protection and renewable energy and electromagnetic compatibility.
  • Developed the next generation of electrified transportation including vehicle, vessel and aircraft. Developed new electrical energy storages, sources and management systems.