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Research Strengths

COMP has established a 3-tier research framework with a common research infrastructure. The first tier is department research strengths and competence. The second tier is department-driven strategic initiatives with focused areas of application while the third tier is cross-area department centres and labs.


Main Research Areas

Big Data Analytics and Information Retrieval*

Big data analytics imposes challenges on many aspects ranging from data acquisition, analysis and visualisation to information retrieval and knowledge discovery. COMP tackles both theoretical and application issues in this field, building a big data framework. It applies distributed computing technology to tackle the sheer volume of data and information with consideration of efficiency. It also investigates into efficient retrieval of information with respect to semantics and language-specific factors.


Human-centered Computing*

Human-centered computing is an emerging inter-disciplinary field concerned with computing and computational artifacts as they relate to human behaviour. COMP utilises computational technologies to analyse human actions and drive behavior understanding and performance enhancement by conducting research in cognitive computing, ubiquitous computing, human computer interface and social computing.


Graphics, Visualisation and Multimedia

Multimedia combines content such as sound, images and graphics to make applications dynamic in areas such as education, entertainment, social networking and telemedicine. With the explosion of multimedia information available in daily lives around the world, the key research challenges lie in managing complex multimedia objects and extending them into three dimensions with the capacity for real-time interaction. COMP focuses on three-dimensional computer graphic modelling and rendering, distributed three-dimensional graphics, image and video quality enhancement, content-based image retrieval, and multi-sensor data and motion analysis, all of which have excellent application potential.


Networking and Mobile Computing

Mobile computing advances with increasing flexibility and mobility as supported by new technologies of wireless networks and smarter sensors and mobile devices. COMP works on related areas and extends to mobile cloud computing, mobile applications security, network performance monitoring and measurement, and Internet of Things. Such efforts aggregate to bring about enhancements in different application areas including intelligent transport systems, structural healthcare monitoring and security.


Pattern Recognition and Machine Intelligence

To align with the challenging trends in the development of pattern recognition and machine intelligence, COMP focuses on biometrics security, medical imaging, video and image processing, and data mining and offers solutions to problems related to bioinformatics, computational biology, web intelligence and social media mining.


Systems and Software Engineering

COMP works on key challenges in the areas of cyber-physical systems, real-time embedded systems, context-aware middleware, software process and quality, agile development and risk management. It tactfully handles the problems arising from the operation of business critical applications and robust computer-based systems.


* Currently departmental strategically focused areas