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Date Topic Speaker
24 Jun 2019

Nanoparticle-mediated Tissue Imaging and Therapy at the Intersection of Light and Sound [Poster | PPT]

Professor Ronald A. Roy

University of Oxford

29 Mar 2019

Data-Enabled Engineering Design Innovation for Complex Systems [Poster]

Professor Vigor Yang

Georgia Institute of Technology

22 Mar 2019

Interpretable Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) via Feedforward Design [Poster] [Video]

Professor C.-C. Jay Kuo

University of Southern California

5 Dec 2018

Are Li(Na) batteries the right option for a sustainable future [Poster] [Video]

Professor Jean-Marie Tarascon

Collège de France, Paris

23 Aug 2018

Perspectives on Thin-film Science and Engineering: Making Microsystems Fast, Smart and Autonomous [Poster] [Video]

Professor Carl V. Thompson

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

22 Jun 2018

Strategies towards High Efficiency Organic and Perovskite Solar cells [Poster] [Video]

Professor Yang Yang

University of California, Los Angeles

24 May 2018

Wireless AI: Deciphering our World with a New Sixth Sense [Poster]

Professor Ray K.J. Liu

University of Maryland

12 Apr 2018

Using Big Trajectory Data for Next Generation Vehicle Routing [Poster]

Professor Christian S. Jensen

Aalborg University

27 Feb 2018

Understanding and Designing Materials Microstructures and Properties Guided by Computation [Poster]

Professor Long-Qing Chen

Penn State University

8 Jan 2018

Advanced Energy Storage Systems for enabling electrification of vehicles “lithium ion & beyond” [Poster]

Dr. Khalil Anime

Argonne National Laboratory