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The generation, transmission, utilization and storage of electricity, and energy in general, have been one of the cornerstones for the development of humanity over the last 100 years. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Hong Kong and more recently, in Mainland China. The demand for well-qualified electrical engineers is steadily increasing and the Department of Electrical Engineering has established a stellar reputation for its commitment to the highest standards of teaching, research and other scholarly activities. The programmes offered are aligned with both worldwide technological advances and the dynamism of the local environment. As a result, the number of qualified applicants for our programmes always considerably exceeds the number of places available.

The main academic activities of the Department are in power systems, railway systems, power electronics, machines and drives, photonics, control, instrumentation and automation, microprocessor applications, software engineering, electrical installations of buildings, transportation systems and circuits and fields. Our postgraduate, undergraduate and higher diploma courses span a wide range of areas in electrical engineering. As a result, students have a wealth of choices and flexibility in pursuing the most appropriate education to suit their specific needs and career aspirations.

The programmes in the Department offer an in-depth modern education in electrical engineering according to an outcome-based education philosophy, and focus on the mastery of fundamental principles and practical problem-solving skills. Students are trained to think analytically and systematically to solve practical problems, to carry out experimental investigations and to analyze the corresponding findings. When our students graduate, they are equipped with sound communication skills, they are well-informed about contemporary global and local issues, and they have acquired leadership skills and developed a sense of responsibility as engineers in society.

Graduates of the Department find numerous employment opportunities as engineers in planning and design, transportation engineering, manufacturing and installation, maintenance and servicing of electrical plants, equipment and systems. They pursue a wide range of challenging and rewarding careers in the local utility companies like CLP Power Hong Kong Limited, The Hongkong Electric Company Limited, as well as the Mass Transit Railway Corporation, one of Hong Kong’s largest transportation companies. Engineering consultancies and contractors, other large engineering organizations, operators of transportation systems and government bureaus such as Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, Water Supplies Department or Drainage Services Department are also common employers. Each year, some of our graduates will pursue Masters and Ph.D. degrees worldwide, with a number pursuing research at major universities in the U.S.