Date: 26 - 27 April 2019 (Fri & Sat)

Time: 9:00 - 17:30

Venue: 2/F, Block Z, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


The Faculty of Construction and Environment of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University is known for its innovative technologies for sustainable urban development. The exhibition will demonstrate how the most inspiring innovative technologies developed by the Faculty’s teams can solve real-world problems.

To promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education, high school students can also take a simple quiz related to the exhibition. STEM certificates will be issued to students taking the quiz.

BRE ICS1 1 s Construction Health and Safety
Fishing Bridge 39 s Integrating Major Community Planning Projects into Urban Renewal for
Sustainable Urban Development
1 3 Multi scale Multi regional Studies of Sustainable Construction 3 2 Multi-scale Multi-regional Studies of Sustainable Construction
PCMS Tags Amounted on Machines and Helmets s PCMS: A Digital Solution for Proactive Management of Construction Projects
BSE ICS1 1 s Building Energy Studies – Building Life-cycle Optimization and Diagnosis 
2 1 Development of a Highly dispersed Self cleaning Paste 3 2 Development of Nano-materials: A Self-cleaning Coating and an Insulation
2 3 Lightning Its Effects Detection and Protection 3 2 Lightning – Its Effects, Detection and Protection
p.15 Scripps Ranch Cedar Fire 2003 s Protecting Society from Fires with Fire Engineering Research
1 Canton Tower Sensor layout s High Performance Structures
Group photo s Improving Air Quality through Cutting-edge Research
Impact Case Study Figure ITS Application in HK s Smart Transport and Infrastructures
3 4 Turning Waste into Eco construction Materials 3 2 Turning Waste into Eco-construction Materials
people flow s Fundamental Theories and Models for Spatial Big Data Analytics
p1 s New Technology for Remote Monitoring of the Environment and Hazards
4 3 Novel Integrated Lunar Mapping Model 3 2 Novel Integrated Lunar Mapping Model
4 4 Reliable Navigation and Smart Transport Techniques for Highly Dense Urban Areas 3 2 Reliable Navigation and Smart Transport Techniques for Highly Dense
Urban Areas