A Chat with our International and Exchange Students

INT1 Isabella01

Isabella (right)


Why did you choose to attend university in HK?

Not only the university is really nice and organized, but also Hong Kong is a great city, with lots of activities to do. You will never get bored here.


What are your aspirations for the future?

I would like to become a quantity surveyor, and I hope that Hong Kong will help me to achieve it. Here this type of work is very much in demand and I hope that this will give me enough experience to widen my horizons even more.


INT3 Yerkezhan



Why did you choose to attend university in HK?

Hong Kong is well known for its strong education system. In particular, our construction programmes in Hong Kong are among the most prestigious in the world. Besides, Hong Kong is one of the few cities where east and west cultures meet.


What are your aspirations for the future?

I have a goal of finding a job that combines all things I am passionate about, such as travelling, planning, architecture and social networking. I will try my best to apply my technical knowledge, creativity and design to my dream “sustainable district” project in the future.


INT4 KangPing 01

Kang Ping (right)


What do you like about studying here at PolyU?

Most of the teaching staff and general staff I met here are friendly and helpful. They are really willing to help the students. Though the campus is relatively small, it houses state-of-the-art facilities.


What are your aspirations for the future?

My first priority after graduation is to find a job in HK. There are numerous construction and infra-structural development projects to be conducted by experienced companies and governments in both Hong Kong and mainland China which I’d love to be involved in as a civil engineer. 


INT5 Siti1

Siti (right)

What do you like about studying here at PolyU?

I enjoy the modules that I am taking and have had many opportunities to participate in things outside of the curriculum such as traveling overseas for service learning, as well as engaging in intercultural activities. In the Summer of 2015, I went to Dabu in Mainland China with the English Learning Centre (ELC) as part of service learning. We were there to teach primary school children English for 5 days. It was a heartening and fun experience interacting with the children, and learning more about Hakka culture.

Furthermore, through the Global Citizen Programme organized by AIESEC in PolyU, I had the opportunity to visit Sri Lanka on a 6-week internship, where I contributed to an environmental project that focused on spreading awareness on water conservation and sustainable consumption. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and it allowed me to connect with 11 other delegates from all over the world. I believe that apart from academics, PolyU has a lot of activities and organisations which can promote a well-rounded university life.


What sort of learning experience/ opportunities has our Faculty/ Department offered to you? Please give specific examples.

Since the start of this semester, I have been working for the CEE department in the wastewater laboratories as a student assistant. This has given me a great opportunity to learn more about water monitoring and assessment, and also be exposed to projects that are being undertaken by the research students. By working in the lab, I have learnt a lot about different techniques used in analysing wastewater as well as researched the different methods involved for a more environmentally sustainable option in wastewater treatment.


INT6 Alvin



Why did you choose to attend university in HK?

The one thing that I like about Hong Kong is its multilingual environment. I want to study in a university where the medium of instruction is English while I can pick up Mandarin and Cantonese with both local and Mainland students around me.


What are your aspirations for the future?

I want to change this world for the better. I hope that the knowledge and experiences from my 4 years at PolyU might help me make it happen. In particular, I would like to create some structures and buildings that will be beneficial for my own country.


INT7 abigael


The Philippines

Why did you choose to attend university in HK?

I chose Hong Kong because I believed that this city is the best place to learn construction as it is surrounded with many famous infrastructures and ongoing local projects. I wanted to learn what cannot be found in my country and have a broader view of the international construction industry.


What sort of learning experience/ opportunities has our Faculty/ Department offered to you? Please give specific examples.

The thing I love the most is that I was exposed to many practical classes where I was able to do hands-on projects such as cement mixing, brick laying, formwork and falsework building, etc. One of the best experiences I had was the opportunity to tour the construction site of the Central-Wanchai Bypass and see its planning and progress. This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience to see the future infrastructure that will help ease the transportation and traffic on Hong Kong island in its construction process.


What are your aspirations for the future?

I would like to become an urban land developer that can promote sustainable living, safety, and social responsibility to give back to those who are in need.


Messages from our Local Students/ Graduates

UG1 Ng Shuk Man

Ng Shuk Man

Broad Discipline of Construction and Environment

As a first-year student in the Broad Discipline of Construction and Environment, I am having a very fruitful and meaningful university life. Even though taking Cluster Area Requirement courses and a service-learning course are part of the graduation requirements, I am thankful that PolyU has given me the opportunity to learn and gain new experiences. My service-learning project involved travelling to the small town of Shao Guan, where I and three other students taught English to about 60 primary school students. It was a very harsh trip physically but I enjoyed helping the students – it was an awesome experience!


UG2 PercyLamHoYip

Percy Lam Ho Yip

BRE - BSc(Hons) in Building Engineering and Management

Throughout my years of study, BRE has given me a glimpse of the building profession, not only academically, but practically.  The programme is reviewed recurrently with contemporary knowledge from the industry to ensure that graduates are prepared for the real business world.  Meanwhile, extracurricular activities like the Asian Coalition for Building Science and Construction Engineering and study tour have provided me with exposure to foreign technologies and culture.  All these have helped me to achieve an advantage over graduates from other universities.


It is indeed a challenging career as a management trainee at the Hip Hing Construction Company Limited.  Without the guidance and support from BRE, I would not have had a clear picture of my career development, nor even the ability to earn a place in today’s competitive environment.


UG3 Patrick Leu

Patrick Leu

BSc(Hons) in Property Management

 I treasured the opportunities given by PolyU and the department of BRE to join an exchange programme to study in the Architecture Department of Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia, for about 6 months. This allowed me to broaden my horizons and extended my international network. This definitely benefited me a lot when I worked as a project manager and had to hold various conference calls with client representatives in different places.


Besides, with the support of my department, I was able to join the Preferred Graduate Programme in both 2009 and 2010 to work in Nanjing Construction Bank and the largest developer in Xi Shan for my summer internship. Working in a state-owned company and experiencing the working environment in China were crucial to my career development and life.


UG4 Raphael Lai Wai Yeung

Raphael Lai Wai Yeung

BSc(Hons) in Surveying

BRE has provided a professional and engaging studying environment, with highly qualified professors actively involved in the industry. Highlights also included industrial workshops, a mentorship scheme and an internship experience. All these have given me good opportunities to keep myself up-to-date in this fast-changing industry. This, combined with the strong professional networks, good social background and hands-on courses in the surveying programme, is what makes studying in BRE so unique.


With the well- designed programme and all the resources here, I have acquired a diverse set of skills to tackle challenges in different areas. Also, studying here has further confirmed my interest in real estate and enhanced my confidence.


UG5 Ng Ho Yin Terry

Ng Ho Yin, Terry

BEng(Hons) in Building Services Engineering

During my freshman year at PolyU, I learned how to organise functions as part of the Students' Society, how to get along with fellow residents as part of hall life, and many other intangible yet vital skills. The year was a complete transition from life at home. I have already become a wiser and better person. As a university student, striking a balance between studying and recreation is never easy. Some students find that they have no time for non-academic activities, but some find them enjoyable. To me, everything I encounter is a chance to discover more about myself.


UG6 Tse Pui Yiu

Tse Pui Yiu

BEng(Hons) in Civil Engineering

My first year at PolyU has been very challenging, but also exciting, interesting and meaningful. The civil engineering subjects offered highlight the diversity of areas within the discipline, covering environmental, geotechnical, hydraulics, structural and transportation engineering. One subject, Construction for Better Living, was enjoyably interactive. For instance, in addition to regular lectures and tutorials, we had a site visit to Disneyland, where we saw how classroom knowledge was applied to the built environment and some of the ways in which our chosen discipline contributed to real life.


I also attended the IC Training offered by the Industrial Centre in mid-August 2013. With a focus on engineering safety, the training was essential to my goal of becoming an engineer.


UG7 LU Wanning Zoe

LU Wanning, Zoe

BSc (Hons) Environment & Sustainable Development

Spending a semester at the University of Leeds was definitely a precious experience for me. It has allowed me to widen my horizons not only through academic learning, but also through travelling and exploring the UK. I met plenty of friends there by participating in club activities and talking to my lecturers, through which I have gained a deeper self-cognition about what I hope to achieve in the future. I feel like I am now living in an expanded world. I am more confident and independent after my return.


UG8 Ng Yuen ning Winnie

Ng Yuen-ning Winnie

BSc(Hons) in Geomatics

Do you know what geomatics means? It stands for geo-informatics. LSGI is the only department in Hong Kong to provide professional training in geo-spatial data capturing, processing and presentation. It provides an all-round education to each student, so I have had many chances to operate different types of survey equipment, try various kinds of software and take part in many challenging but interesting fieldwork. Such activities have also helped me to develop a team spirit. Working with friends is definitely a memorable part of my university life.


I have also benefited from PolyU’s Work-Integrated Education programme, whereby students spend two months in industry to gain practical experience. I am currently taking part in the programme and learning many techniques for improving surveying results. These will be absolutely useful in my future career.