At the 47th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva held from 10 to 14 April 2019, Prof. Hong-xing Yang of the Department of Building Services Engineering (BSE) and his teams received 2 gold medals for their inventions. One was for an indirect evaporative cooler (IEC) for efficient energy recovery. Consisting of alternating dry and wet channels, the IEC uses exhaust air and water evaporation to pre-cool fresh air for central air-conditioning systems of buildings. His research team included Dr Yi Chen and Ms Yunran Min, a PhD student in BSE.

The other gold medal was from a consultancy project to develop a prototype for the third generation in-building hydropower system. Not only was the hydraulic design of the hydro turbine improved to enhance efficiency, the new system also features magnetic coupling for transmission and sealing, which does not require external power source, minimising the likelihood of wear-and-tear. His team for this project included Dr Jiyun Du and Mr Zhicheng Shen.

20190410 14 1
The medals for Prof. Yang and his teams

20190410 14 2
Prof. Yang and his team