MAESP Subjects List

 MAESP Subjects List (Tentative and subject to changes)

Core Subjects Specialisms
ENGL519 Discourse Analysis S2 S2 S2 S2
ENGL539 English Semantics and Lexis S1 S1 S1 S1
ENGL540 Analytical Perspectives in English Grammar S2 S2 S2 S2
ENGL5008 Introduction to the Sound System of English S1 S1 S1 S1
Specialism-related Core Subjects ELA EP ELS ELT
ENGL523 Second Language Learning       S1
ENGL542 Language Development and Use S1   S1  
ENGL543 English Literature and Language Arts S3   S3  
ENGL561 Practical Communication Strategies I   S1    
ENGL564 Practical Communication Strategies II   S2    
ENGL582 Second Language Teaching       S2
Specialism-specific Electives ELA EP ELS ELT
ENGL511 English as an International Language   S1 S1  
ENGL518 Research Design and Methods S1 S1 S1 S1
ENGL520 Critical Language and Cultural Studies S1 S1   S1
ENGL523 Second Language Learning S1      
ENGL526 Testing and Assessment       S3
ENGL554 Drama for Language Learning S2     S2
ENGL562 Communication   S3 S3  
ENGL568 Intercultural Communication in Business   S2 S2  
ENGL582 Second Language Teaching S2      
ENGL585 Syllabus Planning and Materials Design       S2
*ENGL587 Research Project S2 & S3 S2 & S3 S2 & S3 S2 & S3
ENGL597 Aspects of English-speaking Cultures   S2 S2  
ENGL5003 Popular Culture and English S1   S1 S1
ENGL5006 Oral Language Arts S3     S3
ENGL5007 Multimodality and Semiotic Studies   S2 S2  
"Another option for students is to take three specialism-specific electives and one of the following elective subjects offered by departments in the Faculty of Humanities:
(^Medium of Instruction is Chinese)"
• ^CBS553 Readings of Classical Literature
• CBS566 Translation Studies
• CBS5008 Action through Text in Japanese, Chinese and English
• ^CC5111 Special Topic Eon Society and Culture: Special Topics on History of the Song Dynasty
• ^CC5201 Government and Education in Confucianism
• ^CC5204 Islam, Christianity and Chinese Culture
• ^CC5302 Appreciation of Chinese Classical Rhymed Writings
• ^CC5307 Special Topic Con Literature and Arts: Letters as a Source for History and Aesthetics


*ENGL587 Research Project: ENGL 518 Research Design &Method is a prerequisite

• MA students are allowed to take up only one elective subject (3 credits) offered by non-ENGL departments under the Faculty of Humanities. If a student took more than one non-ENGL electives, only the subject with the highest grade will be counted for Award GPA for graduation whereas the grades of all non-ENGL subjects taken will be counted for cumulative GPA.



S1 – Semester 1
S2 – Semester 2
S3 – Semester 3 (Summer Term)