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A. Aim of the Scheme

  • To boost the research development in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Department of English by providing support toacademic staff and to produce high-impact research outputs.
  • To nurture young talent in research and help them to develop their career in the academia. 

B. Salary

  • The salary of a Postdoctoral Fellow will be approximately HK$30,000 per month for a period of 36 months and include an MPF contribution and conference attendance (a maximum of HK$15,000).

C. Qualifications and Requirements of the Fellowship Candidate

Candidates must have been conferred/obtained the PhD degree or an equivalent qualification from a recognized institution no more than five (calendar) years before the (calendar) year of application (regardless of the date of the degree conferment) or are expected to obtain the PhD degree within six months of the application deadline.

Priority will be given to candidates:

a. with superior research performance;
b. whose proposed research topic is associated with the subject of their PhD study;
c. whose research area is within the area of expertise of the PI; and
d. whose research area is in line with the research focus of the academic unit.

D. Selection Criteria

Applications will be assessed and selected according to the following criteria:

a. quality of the research proposal;
b. quality of the postdoctoral candidate; and
c. research track record of the PI.

E. Duration of the Fellowship

It is expected that the normal duration of a Postdoctoral Fellowship will be 36 months. The primary duty of the Postdoctoral Fellow is to conduct the approved research project under the guidance of the faculty member who will act as the PI of the project; and support the PI to produce high-impact research outputs.

F. Application Procedures

Candidates should identify a supervisor to work with from the Department website and contact the researcher s/he is interested in working with ( Please include a CV with a cover letter and a draft of your research proposal. In his/her CV, the Postdoctoral Fellowship candidate should select up to five of his/her most representative research output items and provide a full list of publications/other research output items for the consideration of the Committees/Panel concerned. If the research output items are journal articles, the impact factor and the ranking of each journal in a discipline according to the latest database should be provided, if practicable. If there are different rankings in different disciplines, the disciplines should be stated. Accepted journal articles can also be provided, but the letters of unconditional acceptance should be attached as evidence. If the candidate is not the first or second author of a journal paper listed in his/her CV, explanation for how s/he is the main contributor should be given.

Tentatively, suitable candidates will be asked to fill out a proposal form and CV in September and submit to the supervisor by early October 2020.

Please contact your potential supervisor if you have questions regarding the scheme or Ms Emily To (tel: 2766 7572 / email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).