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MAESP Subject List (for 2020/21 cohort) (Subject to changes)

Core Subjects Specialisms
ENGL519 Discourse Analysis
ENGL539 English Semantics and Lexis
ENGL540 Analytical Perspectives in English Grammar
ENGL5008 Introduction to the Sound System of English
Specialism-related Core Subjects ELA EP ELS ELT
ENGL523 Second Language Learning     ✔ 
ENGL542 Language Development and Use    
ENGL543 English Literature and Language Arts    
ENGL561 Practical Communication Strategies I      
ENGL564 Practical Communication Strategies II      
ENGL582 Second Language Teaching      
Specialism-specific Electives ELA EP ELS ELT
ENGL518 Research Design and Methods
ENGL520 Critical Language and Cultural Studies  
ENGL526 Testing and Assessment      
ENGL554 Drama for Language Learning ✔     
ENGL562 Communication    
ENGL568 Intercultural Communication in Business    
ENGL582 Second Language Teaching      
ENGL585 Syllabus Planning and Materials Design      
*ENGL587 Research Project
ENGL5003 Popular Culture and English  
ENGL5006 Oral Language Arts    
ENGL5007 Multimodality and Semiotic Studies    
ENGL5016 Pragmatic Disorders    
ENGL5017 The Sociology of Language: Social and Economic Perspectives    
"Another option for students is to take three specialism-specific electives and one of the following elective subjects offered by departments in the Faculty of Humanities:
(^Medium of Instruction is Chinese)"
• ^CBS553 Readings of Classical Literature
• CBS566 Translation Studies
• CBS5008 Action through Text in Japanese, Chinese and English
• ^CC5201 Government and Education in Confucianism
• ^CC5204 Islam, Christianity and Chinese Culture
• ^CC5302 Appreciation of Chinese Classical Rhymed Writings


*ENGL587 Research Project: ENGL 518 Research Design & Method is a prerequisite

• MA students are allowed to take up only one elective subject (3 credits) offered by non-ENGL departments under the Faculty of Humanities. If a student took more than one non-ENGL electives, only the subject with the highest grade will be counted for Award GPA for graduation whereas the grades of all non-ENGL subjects taken will be counted for cumulative GPA.