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Picture of Coffie, Joseph Adika
Coffie, Joseph Adika
PhD Student (FT)

2017 – B.A Communication Studies – University of Cape Coast, Ghana

Room No.AG415
Tel2766 7531
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Research areas:

Language and Media
Critical Discourse Analysis
Social Semiotics
Multimodal Discourse
Systemic Functional Linguistics

Title of thesis:
Sexual Language in Television Advertising: A Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis of Alcohol Advertisements in Ghana

Description of thesis research:

Preliminary Abstract
In a broader sense, the study is concerned with the use of social semiotic constructs in television advertisements to realize goals of advertising such as persuasion and other social functions on one hand and how these semiotic constructions on another hand reflect or create social values, culture and ideology. The specific aim of the study is to further develop the role of sign systems in Critical Discourse Analysis. The study hypothesizes “alcohol” to mean “better sex” in the Ghanaian context and draws upon the critical multimodal discourse approach in analyzing television advertisements of alcoholic beverages (bitters) in Ghana to establish this assertion.


Communicative Skills
Ethics in Mass Communication
Communication and Society
Editorial Writing
Ghana in the Geopolitics of Africa


English Editor, Hall Editorial Committee, Boyan Hall, PolyU