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Dr Sal Consoli
Open Platform for University Scholars

Dr Sal Consoli

Research Assistant Professor

Research Overview

My broad research interests are psychology of language learning and teaching, language teacher education and ethics in applied linguistics. I am particularly interested in language learners’ motivational journeys and language teachers’ psychological wellbeing. With my work, I promote language teacher research as a crucial dimension of teacher preparation and professional development. I also investigate the notions of ethics and reflexivity and how these are implemented in applied linguistics research.

My inquiry has been largely influenced by the epistemological and methodological traditions of narrative inquiry and practitioner research (i.e., Action Research and Exploratory Practice). Recently, I have developed the concept of life capital which offers a heuristic to account for language learners’ and teachers’ life stories and understand how these interact with learning and teaching experiences.

Academic and Professional Experiences

  • Lecturer in Applied Linguistics and TESOL, Newcastle University, UK (2019-2020)
  • Teaching Fellow in Spanish, University of Warwick, UK (2016-2019)
  • Associate Lecturer in Applied Linguistics, University of Warwick, UK (2016-2019)
  • Co-ordinator, English Language Department, University of the West of England, UK (2015-2016)
  • English Language Lecturer, University of the West of England, UK (2014-2015)

Teaching Areas

  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Language Learning Motivation
  • Discourse Analysis
  • Research Methods in Applied Linguistics

Research Interests

  • Psychology of Language Education
  • Language Teacher Research
  • Practitioner Research (Action Research, Exploratory Practice)
  • Narrative Inquiry
  • Reflexivity and Ethics in Applied Linguistics

Research Output

  1. Consoli, S., & Ganassin, S. (2022 in press). Reflexivity in Applied Linguistics: Opportunities, Challenges and Suggestions. Routledge. 
  1. Consoli, S. (2022). Life capital: An epistemic and methodological lens for TESOL research. TESOL Quarterly

  2. Consoli, S. (2022). Practitioner research in a UK pre-sessional: The synergy between exploratory practice and student motivation. Journal of English for Academic Purposes

  3. Consoli, S. (2021) The hidden face of narrative analysis: The impact of MAXQDA. System.

  4. Barkhuizen, G., & Consoli, S. (2021) Pushing the edge in narrative inquiry. System. 

  5. Banegas, D. & Consoli, S. (2021). Initial English language teacher education: The effects of a module on teacher research. Cambridge Journal of Education.

  6. Consoli, S. & Dikilitaş, K. (2021). Research engagement in language education. Educational Action Research.

  7. Consoli, S., & Aoyama, T. (2019). Longitudinal L2 motivation inquiry: A response to Lamb’s (2016) “When motivation research motivates: Issues in long-term empirical investigations”. Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching.

  1. Consoli, S & Ganassin, S. (2022 in press). Navigating the waters of reflexivity in applied linguistics. In S. Consoli & S. Ganassin (Eds.), Reflexivity in Applied Linguistics: Challenges, Opportunities, and Suggestions. Routledge

  2. Consoli, S. (2021) The Teacher-Researcher & Student-Participant Relationship: What Risks can we Take? In: Hall, C. and Cunningham, C. (eds.) Vulnerabilities, Challenges and Risks in Applied Linguistics. Bristol: Multilingual Matters.

  3. Consoli, S. (2021) Understanding Motivation through Ecological Research: The Case of Exploratory Practice. In: Sampson, R. and Pinner, R. (eds.) Complexity Perspectives on Researching Language Learner and Teacher Psychology. Bristol: Multilingual Matters.

  4. Banegas, D., & Consoli, S. (2020) Action research in language education. In: Rose, H. and McKinley, J. (eds.) The Routledge Handbook of Research Methods in Applied Linguistics. Oxford: Routledge.

  1. Sampson, R.J., Ushioda, E., Pinner, R., Consoli, S. (2022) The ethics and practice of L+ classroom research.Language Teaching, 1–4 doi:10.1017/S0261444822000106 

  2. Consoli, S. (2021). Z. Dörnyei Innovations and Challenges in Language Learning Motivation New York, NY: Routledge (2020) vii + 176pp, TESOL Quarterly

  3. Consoli, S., & Ushioda, E. (2018). J. Hanks Exploratory Practice in Language Teaching: Puzzling About Principles and Practices (2017) Palgrave Macmillan Basingstoke xix+ 384pp, 250-251.Sytem.

  4. Consoli, S., & Aoyama, T. (2018). The Forum on Language Learning Motivation: The First Steps. IATEFL ELT Research.




  • Consoli, S. (May 2022). A reflexive perspective on the (ethical) risks we take when researching our own students – School of Education Seminar Series, University of Glasgow, UK. 
  • Consoli, S. (March, 2022). For what and whom is practitioner research? [Invited talk]. Symposium, The Ethics and Practice of L+ Classroom Research – Centre for Foreign Language Education and Research, Rikkyo University, Japan.
  • Consoli, S. (May, 2021). Understanding EAP students’ Motivation through the lens of Life Capital Invited Talk presented at Seminar Series – School of Education, Communication and Language Sciences, Newcastle University, UK.

  • Consoli, S. (February, 2021). Practitioner researchers and academic researchers can do better together Invited Talk presented at the Guest Lecture Series – Department of Education (Applied Linguistics), University of Oxford, UK.

  • Consoli, S. (November, 2020). Understanding Motivation through Exploratory Practice Invited Talk presented at the Guest Lecture Series – Department of Education (Applied Linguistics), University of Bath, UK.

  • Consoli, S. (May, 2019). Reflexivity: A Necessary Approach for Good Quality Research Invited Workshop presented at the ESRC Advanced Training Day - Methods of Discourse Analysis, University of Warwick, UK.

  • Consoli, S. (May, 2018). What Novice Teachers Need to Know about Motivation Invited Talk presented at the conference 'My Story in Practicum - 3', Çağ University, Turkey.

  • Consoli, S. (July, 2017). Invited Lecture Quality in Qualitative Research, Bahçeşehir University, Istanbul.

  1. PI: Towards a Framework of EAP Learner Engagement in Hong Kong Universities (with Prof Sarah Mercer and Dr Samantha Curle)
  2. PI: Towards a Model of Psychological Wellbeing for Teachers of English for Academic Purposes in Hong Kong (with Dr Santiago Sanchez and Dr Tae Hee Choi)

Esteem Measures



  • Visiting Scholar, Newcastle University, UK (2020-present)

  • Visiting Research Fellow, Macquarie University, Sydney (2018)

  • Member of the Executive Committee - British Association for Applied Linguistics (BAAL)

  • BAAL Newsletter Editor

  • Member of the Committee – ECR-AERA Motivation SIG

  • Member, Irish Association of Applied Linguistics (IRAAL)

  • Member, Hong Kong Association of Applied Linguistics (HAAL)

  • Co-founder of the Forum on Language Learning Motivation (FOLLM)

  • Journal in Learning Development in Higher Education

  • The Language Learning Journal

  • International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism

  • Educational Action Research

  • System

  • Language and Intercultural Communication

  • Routledge (Book Series: Studies in Applied Linguistics)

  • Newcastle School Research Committee Award (2019)

  • BAAL-Cambridge University Press Scholarship (2019)

  • ESRC Research Fellowship at Macquarie University, Sydney (2018)

  • Richard Pemberton Prize for Best Paper at the (BAAL) annual conference (2018)

  • Warwick Teaching Excellence Award (2018)

  • Full ESRC Research Event Grant (2018)

  • Full PhD Award from the Economic and Social Research Council (2016)

  • Stevenson Scholarship - University of Glasgow (2011-2012)

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