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Dr Christy Xuyan Qiu

Dr Christy Xuyan Qiu

Assistant Professor

Research Overview

Currently, I am engaged in research on second language teaching and learning. My research focuses on three main questions. First, I seek to understand what knowledge second language (L2) learners should be taught at different levels. I explore the rhetorical and linguistic features of different academic genres with corpus-based approaches. The second question is: What methods can be used to teach the knowledge to second language learners? A particular interest of mine is task-based second language teaching and learning, and I have conducted experimental and classroom-based studies on how teachers can effectively design and implement oral tasks to engage L2 learners in both face-to-face teaching and online teaching environments. The third question is: How can English language education prepare English as a second (foreign) language students to learn content matters in English? This topic relates to English-medium instruction (EMI) research, especially in Chinese contexts. In my EMI research, I aim to provide insights into the needs of EMI students and teachers and offer suggestions on how English language teachers can better prepare their students for EMI classes.

Education and Academic Qualifications

  • Doctor of Philosophy in English Language Education, The University of Hong Kong
  • Master of Arts in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Lancaster University

Academic and Professional Experiences

    • Assistant Professor, Department of English and Communication, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (2022.7-present)
    • Assistant Professor, School of Education and Languages, Hong Kong Metropolitan University (2022.2-2022.7)
    • Research Assistant Professor, School of Education and Languages, Hong Kong Metropolitan University (2019.8-2022.1)
    • Lecturer, School of Foreign Languages, South China University of Technology (2017.9-2018.8)

Research Interests

  • Second language teaching and learning
  • Task-based language teaching
  • English for academic purposes
  • English-medium instruction

Research Output

  1. Xu, Y., & Qiu, X. (accepted). Online assessment practice and teacher assessment literacy: A qualitative study of college English teachers in China. Foreign Language Education in China.
  2. Xu, J., & Qiu, X. (in press). Second language psychological speaking and listening needs: Scale development, symbiosis, and demographic differences. Studies in Second Language Teaching and Learning.
  3. Qiu, X., & Bui, G. (in press). “We are responsive on Zoom, but…”: L2 learners’ perceptions of and attitudes towards speaking tasks in the physical and virtual classroom settings. International Journal of Computer-assisted Language Learning and Teaching. doi: 10.4018/IJCALLT.291535
  4. Zhang, Y., Chu, S., Qiu, X., Zainuddin, Z., & Li, X. (in press). Facilitating undergraduates’ plagiarism-free academic writing practices in a blended learning scenario. Innovations in Education and Teaching International. doi:
  5. Qiu, X., & Xu, J. (forthcoming). Defining oracy: Second language listening and speaking motivation in higher education and the role of demographic factors. Psychological Reports. doi: 10.1177/00332941211054775
  6. Qiu, X., & Cheng, H. (forthcoming). The effects of task types on L2 oral production and learner engagement. International Review of Applied Linguistics in Language Teaching.
  7. Xu, J., & Qiu, X. (forthcoming). Interactive listening tasks in the English as a foreign language classroom: A longitudinal study of listener and speaker engagement. RELC Journal. doi:
  8. Xu, J., & Qiu, X. (forthcoming). Study abroad experiences count: Motivational profiles of EFL listeners and its impact on top-down and bottom-up processing. Applied Linguistics Review.
  9. Xu, Y., & Qiu, X. (forthcoming). Necessary but problematic: Chinese university English teachers’ perceptions and practices of assessing class participation. Teaching in Higher Education. doi:
  10. Lo, Y. Y., Fung, D., & Qiu, X. (forthcoming). Assessing content knowledge through L2: Mediating role of language of testing on students’ performance. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development. doi:
  11. Yuan, R., Li, M., Peng, J., & Qiu, X. (forthcoming). English-medium instruction (EMI) teachers as ‘curriculum markers’ in Chinese higher education: A textual analysis. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development. doi:
  12. Qiu, X., & Fang, C. (2022). Creating an effective English-medium Instruction (EMI) classroom: Chinese undergraduate students’ perceptions of EL1 and EL2 content teachers and their experiences. International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, 25(2), 641-655. doi:
  13. Qiu, X. (2022). Picture or non-picture? The influence of narrative task types on lower- and higher-proficiency EFL learners’ oral production. International Review of Applied Linguistics in Language Teaching, 60(2), 383-409. doi:
  14. Jiang, F., & Qiu, X. (2022). Communicating disciplinary knowledge to a wide audience in 3MT presentations: How students engage with popularization of science. Discourse Studies. doi:
  15. Qiu, X., & Jiang, F. (2021). Stance and engagement in 3MT presentations: How students communicate disciplinary knowledge to a wide audience. Journal of English for Academic Purposes, 51, 100976. doi:
  16. Hu, J., Gao, X., & Qiu, X. (2021). Lexical coverage and readability of science textbooks for English-medium instruction secondary schools in Hong Kong. Sage Open, 11(1), 1-9. doi:
  17. Qiu, X., & Lee, M. K. (2020). Regulated learning and self-efficacy beliefs in peer collaborative writing: An exploratory study of L2 learners’ written products, task discussions, and self-reports. System, 93, 102312. doi:
  18. Qiu, X. (2020). Functions of oral monologic tasks: Effects of topic familiarity on L2 speaking performance. Language Teaching Research, 24(6), 745-764. doi:
  19. Qiu, X., & Ma, X. (2019). Disciplinary enculturation and authorial stance features among master’s dissertations, doctoral theses, and research articles. Ibérica, 38, 327-348.
  20. Qiu, X., & Lo, Y. Y. (2017). Content familiarity, task repetition and Chinese EFL learners’ engagement in second language use. Language Teaching Research, 21(6), 681-698. doi:
  1. Yuan, R., & Qiu, X. (in press). Understanding university EMI teachers’ language beliefs and use in content classrooms: A Chinese study. In Sah, P. K., & Fang, F. (Eds.), English Medium Instruction in Asian universities: Unsettling critical edges. Routledge.
  2. Qiu, X. (2015). Cognitive processes of speech production in task-based studies. Research Studies in Education, 13.
  1. Qiu, X. (2015). The use of oral narrative tasks in second language learning: does a familiar topic make a difference? In J. Angouri, T. Harrison, S. Schnurr and S. Wharton (Eds), Proceedings of the 47th Annual Meeting of the British Association for Applied Linguistics (pp. 141-154). Scitsiugnil: Conventry, UK.
  1. Qiu. X. (2018). Review of Peer interaction and second language learning: pedagogical potential and research agenda. Applied Linguistics, 39(2), 250-253. doi:
  2. Qiu, X., & Cheng, H. (2020). Review of English-Medium instruction in Chinese universities. International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, 23(10), 1303-1306. doi:



  • Learner engagement in listening-and-speaking tasks in the face-to-face and the synchronous computer-mediated communication conditions (2022-2023)
    Hong Kong Research Grant Council Faculty Development Scheme  
    Principal Investigator (2022.01-2022.07);
    Co-Investigator (2022.07-present)

  • The role of second language individual learner differences in task-based language teaching (2021-2022)
    R&D Fund by Hong Kong Metropolitan University
    Principal Investigator

  • Learner engagement and motivation in task-based language teaching: An exploratory study of English learners in Hong Kong (2020-2021)
    R&D Fund by The Open University of Hong Kong
    Principal Investigator

Esteem Measures


  • Member, Hong Kong Association for Applied Linguistics


  • Katie Shu Sui Pui Charitable Trust – Outstanding Research Publication Award (Silver Prize)
    Hong Kong Metropolitan University


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