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21 Apr 20
5 - 6 pm
Prof. Kathleen Ahrens Source Domain Verification for Conceptual Metaphor Analysis

Webinar via Zoom.

11 May 20
5 - 6 pm
Dr Dennis Tay Spinning the discourse roulette: addressing poverty of data with Monte Carlo simulations Webinar via Zoom.
20 May 20
4-5 pm
Ms Angela Spaxman Career and Professional Development Series: Practicing Managing Stress Webinar via Zoom.
14 Sep 20
5-6 pm
Dr Gerald Stell Postcolonial nation-building and language variation: Linguistic fault lines and convergence in Namibia Webinar via Zoom.
25 Sep 20
5-6 pm
Prof. Sotaro Kita What do iconic gestures communicate to children? Webinar via Zoom. 
12 Oct 20
5-6 pm
Prof. Guangwei Hu Culture in the second language writing classroom: The case of peer feedback Webinar via Zoom.
2 Nov 20
5-6 pm
Dr Victor Ho Self-promoting: A double-edged sword Webinar via Zoom.
16 Nov 20
5-6 pm
Dr Mark Nartey Emancipatory discourses in action: A feminist critical discourse analysis of Ghanaian feminist blogs Webinar via Zoom.
23 Nov 20
5-6 pm
Dr William Feng Analyzing Professional Discourse from a Multimodal Perspective Webinar via Zoom.
30 Nov 20
5-6 pm
Prof. Steve Walsh Analysing university spoken interaction: a CL/CA approach Webinar via Zoom..