pBMW s 

Prof Bernadette M Watson

Director IRCCH

Professor, (Intergroup Health Communication)

Department of English

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University  (PolyU)

Dear colleagues and fellow health communication scholars

I am very excited to be taking up the role of director of IRCCH at Hong Kong Polytechnic University.  As you may know the Centre was established in 2013, with founding director Professor Diana Slade.  Professor Slade recognised the importance of health communication research and provided vision and momentum for the Centre.  Professor Christian Matthiessen continued her work as director from 2015.

From June 2017 the Centre moves into a new phase.  My aim is to continue the research focus that Professor Slade established, but to also broaden the scope of IRCCH.  Health communication is a continually expanding area of research that extends across a number of disciplines, including, but not limited to, practising health professionals, social science, communication from a variety of disciplines and approaches, psychology, education and health economics.  The broadening of the Centre’s focus will encompass areas such as interprofessional practice and education, and a renewed focus on communication and patient safety both in hospital and community settings.

I look forward to continuing to work with scholars and practitioners from the disciplines with which I am familiar, and also look forward to extending the Centre’s remit to embrace new and evolving disciplines and professions.  Over the next two months I will be revising the website and extending invitations for involvement in the Centre’s future research.   My aim is to ensure we have health communication research that is grounded in strong theoretical frameworks that can translate to enhanced standards of healthcare.

I am overseas until early July but will be working behind the scenes to develop the website to embrace this new vision.