Credit Transfer

Policy of Credit Transfer for Exchange Students


For BAESP students taking the Single Discipline Major Pathway, a block transfer of a maximum of 15 credits obtained from a foreign university can be transferred back to the BAESP programme for non-compulsory, non-Level-4 subjects, on the conditions that you have passed the subjects and that you have obtained prior approval from the Department’s Student Exchange Officer.

For BAESP students taking the Major & Minor Pathway, please note that attending an overseas exchange programme while taking a minor programme at PolyU may only be possible if their chosen subjects at the host university can match the requirements of BAESP and their minor programme at PolyU. In most cases, a maximum of 6 credits obtained from a foreign university can be transferred back to the BAESP programme for non-compulsory, non-Level-4 subjects. Students may transfer up to 9 credits for fulfilling the requirement of a Minor programme at PolyU, observing each department’s internal regulations. Students should have sought subject pre-approval from the Student Exchange Officer of the Minor-offering department before departure.

In the case of granting of subject credit transfer of less than 15 credits upon return from exchange, students have to study additional subjects at PolyU in order to fulfill the graduation requirements for the Major & Minor Pathway. Alternatively, students may consider validating 15 credits for non-compulsory, non-Level-4 BAESP subjects, and change to (opt for) the Single Discipline Major Pathway.

Block credit transfer:


Block credit transfer rather than subject-to-subject mapping is usually adopted for subjects transferred to the BAESP Major and Minor in European Studies. "Block credit transfer" means that the credits are earned through subjects related to the programme but not necessarily compatible to individual BAESP subjects, in order to help students to get enough credits for the degree. Granting a block credit transfer takes into consideration the relevance of the pre-approved subjects taken at the host university to the intended learning outcomes of the BAESP programme.


To be entitled for a 15-credit block transfer, normally 5 subjects should be taken. Out of the 5 subjects, a minimum of three should be content subjects. In the case of the host university allowing only 4 subjects, 3 out of 4 should be content subjects. Any number fewer than the pre-approved credit number will lead to a deduction of credits, on a basis of 3 credits per subject. It is entirely students’ responsibility to choose relevant subjects and keep the content/proficiency subject ratio in balance.


Students who go on exchange are expected to take the recommended workload set by the host university, observing the prerequisite of individual courses offered by the host university. 


The medium of instruction of your chosen subjects must be English. An Exception applies to foreign language proficiency subjects. Students who wish to seek credit validation for a Japanese or Korean minor from the CBS Department upon return, should seek advice and pre-approval from the CBS Departmental Exchange Officer before departure.


Students will have to obtain at least a pass in all the subjects taken overseas in order to be granted credit transfer. All the subjects must have been formally assessed. Grades/marks obtained at the host university will not be counted towards your PolyU GPA.

What is a content subject?

Content subjects refer to those introducing particular theoretical knowledge. They are different from proficiency subjects, which aim to improve language skills (speaking, listening, reading and/or writing). ‘English Semantics’, for example, is a content subject while ‘Intermediate Spanish’ is a proficiency subject.


BAESP students need to complete at least 21 credits from Level-4 BAESP subjects, namely two core major subjects, the Capstone Project, and three Level-4 elective subjects, before graduation. In order to graduate on time, please take note of the semesters in which core and Level-4 BAESP subjects are offered.



Select, from the website of your host university, the subjects offered during your exchange period. The ENGL exchange website also has a subject list for your reference. When consulting Dr. Schluter/Dr. Stell about your subject selection, bring with you the subject syllabuses. Students need to observe the number of content and proficiency subjects as stipulated above. Please allow yourself sufficient time to design the plan.


Before leaving PolyU, fill in the Form AS41a, and submit it together with subject syllabus and other required documents to Miss Christy Chan at AG428. Students do NOT need to contact the Student Exchange Officer or BAESP Programme leader individually for approval.


After you have arrived at the host university, if there is any change in the pre-approved subjects, you MUST immediately consult Dr. Anne Schluter/Dr. Gerald Stell for advice by email. Include, in your email, the list of subjects originally approved followed by the subjects add/dropped after you arrival at the host institution, including the syllabus for the added subjects. Any subsequent change in subject selection MUST be approved by Dr. Anne Schluter/Dr. Gerald Stell. It is important to keep a copy of the approval email because presentation of the approval for subject change during exchange will be required upon return to Hong Kong. It is students’ responsibility to choose subjects and to seek subject approval from the Student Exchange Officer before and during exchange. The Department reserves the right not to recognize any subjects that have not been approved by the Student Exchange Officer.


Get your transcript from the host university after the semester.


After you return to Hong Kong and receive the Official Transcript issued by your host university, you are required to submit online Form AS41c (Application for Credit Transfer/Exemption) and upload the following documents as soon as possible:

  • a copy of the Official Transcript issued by the host university
  • updated subject syllabi as handed out to students during exchange 
  • the approval email from Dr. Anne Schluter/ Dr. Gerald Stell for subject changes (if any)

If you have any other questions please contact the Student Exchange Officers Dr. Anne Schluter and Dr. Gerald Stell or the Programme Leader Dr. Dennis Tay.

Last updated in Feb 2019