PolyU postgraduate research students are invited to submit to us parts of their written work for advice, from one of the EEPRS team members.

Work submitted by students will first be read by us, then there will be a face-to-face, one-to-one session with the research student and the EEPRS team member. In the session, the students will be helped to develop their writing skills, through an increased awareness of their own writing strengths and weaknesses.

We recommend that students start taking advantage of this service at the beginning of their writing process so that areas needing improvement could be identified as early as possible.

As we do not provide a simple surface-correction proofreading service, requests to proofread chapters or the complete thesis will be declined.

General guidelines:
- Dissertation Chapters / Students' Research Papers based on Dissertation
- Each one-hour session covers around 10 pages*. You may book up to 6 sessions.
- Font size: 12 points
- Spacing: Double-line spacing

* You can submit more than 10 pages each time, but with the possibility of having it divided into several sessions.

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If you are interested in booking a mentoring session, please click here.