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Spanish opens up opportunities in any globalised field…

In an increasingly globalised world, where Spanish is the second most spoken language (by number of native language speakers), graduates who can communicate in Spanish will increase their competitive profile.

The Minor in Spanish will not only develop your Spanish proficiency but will also build up your problem-solving abilities towards issues in cross-cultural communication. The Minor will prepare you to compete in a globalised world where Spanish is one of the most spoken languages. You will be able to deploy the linguistic and intercultural skills necessary to communicate effectively in monolingual and plurilingual Spanish contexts.

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Programme aims

Our programme will help you to:

  • demonstrate proficiency in the Spanish language, including reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills at a grammatical, semantic, and pragmatic level;

  • recognise and articulate communicative and intercultural perceptions, emotions, and oral interaction, demonstrating the necessary skills to interact in global and plurilingual contexts such as Spanish-speaking ones;

  • be aware of and respect political, social, and cultural issues relating to the Spanish-speaking world;

  • demonstrate confidence in your communicative and social skills as well as integrate your views with those of others when working face-to-face in a multicultural team;

  • reflect on and provide critical analysis to justify decisions involving the use of online tools, including social media, and learn how to identify accurate and credible sources of informaion in order to communicate effectively with others.

Programme characteristics

  • Learning and teaching activities will be in the form of interactive sessions where students will be given many opportunities to practise the language, either as an individual and/or as a member of a group, and to develop their own learning strategies.
  • A combination of various teaching methods will be used, including interactive lectures/seminars, in-depth group discussions on selected topics from readings, discussions via web-based platforms, student presentations, and screenings of films and audio-visual materials.

  • Talks, lectures, film exhibitions, and other activities will complement formal educational input by covering different topics and offering wider perspectives.

  • Students will be given the chance to interact virtually (in Spanish) with Spanish-speaking students in Spain or the Americas through currently implemented online learning programmes such as ILLSA (, already in its third year.

Compulsory subjects

The four compulsory subjects will be selected from the following Spanish language proficiency subjects, from Elementary to Advanced level:

Subject Code  Subject Title  Subject Offering Department/
 Level  Credit Value 






Elementary Spanish I

Elementary Spanish II

Intermediate Spanish I 

Intermediate Spanish II

Advanced Spanish I

ENGL 2 / 3 / 4 12

Elective subjects

Students can select two additional electives (6 credits) from the existing subject list:

Subject Title  Subject 


ENGL1B04 Language and Society in Europe ENGL 1 3
ENGL1C06 Languages in a Globalizing World ENGL 1 3
ENGL3020 Aspects of European Public Discourse ENGL 3 3
ENGL3022 Aspects of European Film ENGL 3 3
ENGL3023 Introduction to European Visual Art ENGL 3 3

Introduction to the History of Europe: a Trade Perspective

(old subject code & title: ENGL3021 Understanding European Trade and Cultural Expansionism)
ENGL 3 3
  Work Integrated Education (WIE) ^ ENGL/other departments 2 / 3 / 4 3

^ Students can apply to count the WIE as an elective for fulfilling the credit requirements, if carried out in a Spanish-speaking country or context. Completed application form AR147(a) should be submitted to the Minor-offering department (Minor Department) for approval no later than your applying for graduation. In addition:

  • Only credit-bearing WIE (with a subject code) will be accepted.
  • The WIE duration should be a minimum of 60 working hours.
  • Only students who have already passed the WIE and meet all the specified criteria can apply to count the WIE as an elective.
  • A maximum of one WIE can be counted towards the Minor.
  • A maximum of 3 WIE credits will be counted towards the Minor.
  • The Minor will follow the WIE level indicated by the Major department.
  • The grade of the WIE (regardless of whether it is a Merit/Pass/Fail or a letter grade) will not be counted towards the calculation of the Minor GPA, despite the double-counting of the credits.

Other Spanish elective subjects

Subject Title  Subject 


ENGL4023 Advanced Spanish I ENGL 4 3


For detailed syllabus and subject pre-requisites/co-requisites/exclusion requirements, please visit the following AS subject registration website:

Location: > Subject Registration > Subject Information

Requirement for obtaining the Minor award

Students are required to obtain a GPA of at least 2.0 in order to satisfy the requirement for graduation with a Major plus a Minor.

Students taking the Major/Minor option will be considered for an award when they have satisfied the requirements for both the Major and Minor studies (i.e. having a GPA of 2.0 or above) and have also submitted an application for graduation. If the 18 credits taken for the approved Minor study can meet the requirements for that Minor, the Major students may apply to graduate with a specific Minor, in addition to their Major. Otherwise, students will graduate with a Major only.

Quota and application

Quota: 20

The application for the Minor will be processed in two rounds (October [1st round] and November [2nd round] in semester one). Students should submit applications for Minor study (Application Form: together with hardcopies of their cumulative subject result and subject registration record to the Major Programme Offering Department. Documents in support of having met the additional admission requirements of the Minor Programme, if applicable, should also be attached.


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Dr Renia Lopez (Programme Leader)
Department of English
Tel: (+852) 3400 2056
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Last updated in Aug 2019