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In today’s globalised economy, expertise in specific professional fields is not enough…

The Minor in European Studies programme is designed to empower you to function effectively in a globalised world where business operates at an accelerated pace and markets are increasingly integrated.

Learning more about Europe’s rich cultural heritage through its history, literature, politics and social movements will better prepare you for professional opportunities that require cross-cultural communication skills.

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Programme aims

Our programme will help you to:

  • develop your awareness of and insights into cultures and identities in Europe as a means to understanding the world from a global perspective;
  • understand and appreciate different forms of European art, such as film, literature (including both the traditional “canon” and more popular developments such as comics), painting, fashion and design;
  • develop your awareness of the key elements involved in successful communication;
  • deepen your understanding of language and culture through the study of modern European languages; and
  • heighten your awareness of the process of globalisation and the development of business contexts in Europe.

Programme characteristics

  • Courses offered in the programme will emphasise an interdisciplinary perspective.
  • Cultural events such as film shows and talks by invited guests on topics including politics, economics and the arts are offered regularly to ensure that students stay up-to-date with current international affairs and cultural trends.

Compulsory subjects

Subject Code  Subject Title  Subject Offering Department/
 Level  Credit  Value 
A Contemporary European Language (chosen from Elementary Spanish I / Elementary French I / Elementary German I / Elementary Spanish II / Elementary French II / Elementary German II / Intermediate Spanish I or Intermediate Spanish II) ENGL 2 / 3 3
ENGL3020   Aspects of European Public Discourse  ENGL 3 3

Elective subjects

History and Culture

Subject Title  Subject 


APSS1A02 Introduction to Western Theories of Human Nature APSS 1 3
CBS1A11P/N Cultural Identities and Representations CBS 1 3
ENGL1B04 Language and Society in Europe ENGL 1 3
ENGL1C06 Languages in a Globalizing World ENGL 1 3
#GEC1C46 Aspects of Western Philosophy
(old subject code & title: GEC1C40 Invitation to Western Philosophical Thinking)
GEC 1 3
*CBS1XXX Europe and China Encounters: A Transcultural Approach CBS 1 3
CC2C08 Mutual Impressions of China and the West CC 2 3

Introduction to the History of Europe: a Trade Perspective
(old subject code & title: ENGL3021 Understanding European Trade and Cultural Expansionism)

ENGL 3 3
ENGL4017 Critical Language and Cultural Studies ENGL 4 3


Subject Code  Subject Title  Subject
Offering Department/
 Level  Credit  Value 
*ELC1XXX European Culture through Poetry ELC 1 3
*ENGL1XXX European Literature and Human Nature ENGL 1 3
ENGL2A08 To love, or not to love – Understanding human relationships through literary texts ENGL 2 3
ENGL3014 Literature in English: An Introduction ENGL 3 3
ENGL3027 Anglophone and Francophone (Post) Colonial Literature ENGL 3 3
ENGL4014 Literature in English: An Advanced Course ENGL 4 3

Cultural/Creative Industry

Subject Title  Subject
 Level  Credit
ENGL1C09 Understanding Comics: Culture and Art ENGL 1 3
ENGL3022 Aspects of European Film ENGL 3 3
ENGL3023 Introduction to European Visual Art ENGL 3 3
ENGL3028 Language Policy and Planning: Local and Global Perspectives ENGL 3 3
GEC1C43 Understanding Western Music and Performances GEC 1 3
ITC1C02 Fashion and Culture ITC 1 3
*SD1XXX European Design Culture and Industry SD 1 3

Contemporary European Languages

Subject Title  Subject
 Level  Credit
ENGL2008 Elementary Spanish I ENGL 2 3
ENGL2009 Elementary Spanish II ENGL 2 3
ENGL2012 Elementary French I ENGL 2 3
ENGL2013 Elementary French II ENGL 2 3

Elementary German I

ENGL 2 3

Elementary German II

ENGL 2 3

Intermediate Spanish I

ENGL 3 3
ENGL3017 Intermediate Spanish II ENGL 3 3

*GUR/CAR subjects pending approval
#GEC1C40 Invitation to Western Philosophical Thinking, has been changed in title and subject code, with the approval of the CoGUR, as GEC1C46 Aspects of Western Philosophy.
#ENGL3021 Understanding European Trade and Cultural Expansionism, has been changed in title and subject code, with the approval of the WG, as ENGL3030 Introduction to the History of Europe: a Trade Perspective. 

For detailed syllabus and subject pre-requisite/co-requisite/exclusion requirement, please visit the following AS subject registration website:

Location: > Subject Registration > Subject Information

Requirement for obtaining the Minor award

For students admitted from 2013-14 onwards
Attained 18 credits from the subjects listed above, of which at least 9 credits are at level 3 or above.

A maximum of three Contemporary European language subjects (9 credits) can be taken in total for the fulfilment of the minor award requirement.



Comments from students

“I can still remember the moment when I needed to choose a minor. The most important question that immediately popped into my mind was: how can it help my future career?

… I have experienced the essence of European Studies. Different elective subjects in European Studies have helped me to be a better problem-solver. They have equipped me with the ability to deconstruct different things in our daily lives efficiently through learning about European news, advertisements, painting... and even a European language! What I have learned can be applied to different fields, situations, and contexts.”

CHENG Wing Chi
BA in Chinese and Bilingual Studies

 “As a business major student, I have gained more than just learning the European languages I love by taking this minor programme.  Two of the subjects — Critical Language and Cultural Studies and Aspects of European Public Discourse — have given me completely new insights into how society functions, how political speeches are constructed, how the media work, and how persuasion is achieved.  I believe the knowledge and insights that I have gained would be of lifetime value to me, and I am glad that I have the chance to become a well-rounded person by being exposed to different kinds of knowledge during my university study, not just in my business major."

YIP Wing Tak Natalie
BBA in Global Supply Chain Management

"This programme is a great opportunity for me to have an authentic experience to explore European languages and cultures with teachers from different European countries.”

NG Hei Haang Jeffrey
BA in English Studies for the Professions


Dr Renia Lopez (Programme Leader)
Department of English
Tel: (852) 3400 2056
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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