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  • To systematically develop PolyU science and engineering students’ English language and communicative competence for the multilingual and multicultural workplace of the 21st century;
  • To provide an opportunity for students to focus on a variety of written, spoken and multimodal business and professional discourse types and genres in English;
  • To provide students with optimal access to the globally expanding world of media and modern communication practices in the science and engineering fields;
  • To offer a blend of academic study and work-related learning experience; and
  • To equip students with sufficient knowledge and skills in and strategies for evaluating the role of language in professional workplace communication.

No. of credits

18 (3 core + 3 elective subjects)

Subject list

(1)   Core (compulsory)

 Subject code Subject title  Level   Credits 
 ENGL2000  English for Effective Communication 2 3
 ENGL2A12  Confidence in Speaking English 2 3
 ENGL4005  English for Science and Technology 4 3

(2)   Electives

 Subject code Subject title     Level       Credits  
 ENGL2004  Analysis of English Pronunciation 2 3
 ENGL2005  English Lexis and Semantics 2 3
 ENGL2006  Analysis of English Grammar 2 3
 ENGL2B01  Globalized Organizational Communication 2 3
 ENGL2B02  New Media: New Meanings 2 3
 ENGL2B03  Exploring Language in Social Life 2 3
 ENGL2016  Language in Social Contexts 2 3
 ENGL2A10  Communicating Effectively in the Workplace 2 3
 ENGL3012  Creative Writing in New Media  3 3
 ENGL3031  Language and Intercultural Communication for 
 the Professions
3 3
 ENGL4001  English for Management 4 3
 ENGL4004  Effective Communication for Public Relations 4 3
 ENGL4009  Meaning in Professional Interaction 4 3


Dr. Victor Ho, Programme Leader
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Office: AG411
Tel: 2766 7539

Last updated in Jan 2019