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Mode of Study

: Full-time and Part-time 

Programme Code 

: Full-time: 71024 - MSF 
: Part-time: 71024 - MSP


 Developing and Applying Knowledge of the English Language


  1. To update your knowledge of the systems and uses of English and how these relate to your work
  2. To give you the chance to learn new concepts in English language studies and apply these to your work


  1. Choice of Subjects : wide range of elective subjects to choose from
  2. Mixed Mode of Learning : full-time and part-time study
  3. Flexibility : students can exit at PgC, PgD or MA level
  4. Professional Recognition : The MAELS meets EDB's Subject Knowledge Requirement ( SKR ) and also meets the Language Proficiency Requirement ( LPR ) provided that on graduation students meet the training requirement for language teachers

Professional Recognition

New and serving English language teachers who do not hold a degree in English, but who have completed the MAELS programme successfully, are regarded by the Education Bureau (EDB) as having a degree with a relevant language major. The MAELS meets the EDB's Subject Knowledge Requirement (SKR). It also meets the Language Proficiency Requirement (LPR) provided that on graduation students meet the training requirements for language teachers.  

Entrance Requirements

A Bachelor’s degree in any subject or the equivalent, with preference given to applicants who majored in English or a Communications-related field.

Applicants are expected to meet ONE of the following requirements:

  • A Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score of 96 or above for the Internet-based test, or 590 or above for the paper-based test;
  • An International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score of at least 7.0 for the listening and reading sections and at least 6.5 for the speaking and writing sections;
  • A level of competence in English, as demonstrated by performance in the admission interview and written test set by the Department of English, which indicates that the applicant* is capable of studying successfully at the taught MA level.


*This only applies to either native English speakers or non-native English applicants with a Bachelor's degree from a university using English as the medium of instruction (EMI). 
Non-native speakers or applicants without a Bachelor's degree from an EMI university still have to fulfil the University-wide minimum language requirements. Exceptional cases shall be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Programme Structure

Full-time: 1 yr (2 semesters and 1 summer term)

Part-time: 2 yrs (4 semesters and 1 summer term)

Compulsory Subjects


ENGL539 English Semantics and Lexis

3 Credits
2. ENGL542 Language Development and Use 3 Credits
3. ENGL540 Analytical Perspectives in English Grammar 3 Credits
4. ENGL519 Discourse Analysis 3 Credits
5. ENGL5008 Introduction to the Sound System of English
3 Credits
6. ENGL543 English Literature and Language Arts 3 Credits


18 Credits

Elective Subjects  

To obtain 12 further credits, 2 options are offered.

Option 1

The first option consists of a research methods subject (3 credits), a project (6 credits) and an elective subject.

1. ENGL518 Research Design and Methods 3 Credits
2. ENGL5012 Research Project in Language Studies (10,000 words) 6 Credits
3. One elective subject 3 Credits


12 Credits

Option 2

Students pursuing this option will study four elective subjects. Information on the subjects offered can be obtained at .


For further information about the programme, please contact contact Dr. Aditi Bhatia at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Ms Plosa Kwan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. of the Department of English.


  • Students who are currently studying for a PgDELS at PolyU, or who have already graduated with a PgDELS from PolyU, should indicate this in the brief written statement that accompanies their application forms for MAELS.
  • Students can pursue their study in either full-time mode or part-time mode. Depending on the mode of study, students normally complete the programme in 1 year full-time and 2 years part-time.
  • This programme is offered within the Master of Arts Scheme in Language Studies for the Professions.
  • Studetns can no longer register initally to join a PgD stream, but may exit with a PgD or a PgC award.

*This programme is offered within the MA Scheme in Language Studies for the Professions