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Elective subjects MAELS MAELT MAEP MAELA
ENGL5004 Corpus Linguistics for Professional Communication
ENGL5005 Language and Literacy Development for Young Learners
ENGL5007 Multimodality and Semiotic Studies
ENGL5015 A Pragmatic Approach to Communication
ENGL512 Analysing Professional Discourse
ENGL518 Research Design and Methods
ENGL526 Testing and Assessment
ENGL545 Multi-media in English Language Learning
ENGL562 Communication
ENGL567 Discourse and Management
ENGL568 Intercultural Communication in Business
ENGL597 Aspects of English-speaking Cultures
ENGL5012 Research Project in Language Studies (MAELS) x x x
ENGL580 Research Project (MAEP) x x x
ENGL587 Research Project (MAELT & MAELA) x x


ENGL5003 Popular Culture and English C
ENGL5006 Oral Language Arts C
ENGL5008 Introduction to the Sound System of English C x x #
ENGL5009 Aspects of the Sound System of English x C x x
ENGL5011 Discourse Analysis for Language Teachers x C x x
ENGL510 Analysis of Contemporary English III x x C x
ENGL511 English as an International Language C
ENGL519 Discourse Analysis C x x
ENGL520 Critical Language and Cultural Studies C
ENGL523 Second Language Learning C
ENGL539 English Semantics and Lexis C x
ENGL540 Analytical Perspectives in English Grammar C
ENGL542 Language Development and Use C x
ENGL543 English Literature and Language Arts C C
ENGL554 Drama for Language Learning C
ENGL560 Analysis of Contemporary English I x x C x
ENGL561 Practical Communication Strategies I C
ENGL563 Analysis of Contemporary English II x C
ENGL564 Practical Communication Strategies II C
ENGL582 Second Language Teaching C
ENGL585 Syllabus Planning and Materials Design C
ENGL599 Functional Grammar for English Language Teachers C

✓ = elective subjects available for students to select
c = core subjects required by the programme
# = students from MAELA who have already studied Phonetics may apply (on a case-by case basis) to the subject teacher to transfer to ENGL5009
* = tentative