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The purpose of offering these elective subjects in the MA scheme is to enhance inter-disciplinary study, to provide the students with a broader view of humanities and to develop their knowledge of intercultural communication (Quota: max 10 for each subject)


•CBS5008 Action Through Text in Japanese, Chinese and English

•CBS566 Translation Studies (taught in English)

•CBS591 Intercultural Communication (taught in English)

•CBS519 Modern Rhetoric (taught in Mandarin Chinese)*

•CBS553 Readings of Classical Literature (taught in Mandarin Chinese)


•CC5111 Special Topic E on Society and Culture: Special Topics on History of the Song Dynasty*

•CC5201 Government and Education in Confucianism

•CC5307 Special Topic C on Literature and Arts: Letters as a Source for History and Aesthetics*

•CC5204 Islam, Christianity and Chinese Culture (taught in Chinese, quota: 5)

•CC5302 Appreciation of Chinese classical Rhymed Writings (taught in Chinese, quota: 5)