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Enhanced Subject Waitlisting Arrangement

12 Jul 2021

To improve the subject registration process, a new waitlisting function will be introduced to eStudent with effect from the subject registration exercise of Semester One of the 2021/22 academic year.

What is waitlisting?

When a class enrolment is full and it is open for waitlisting as indicated by the subject offering department, you will be placed on a waitlist for the subject concerned automatically when you confirm to proceed with your subject selection. A real-time waitlist position will be shown for your easy reference.

When a vacancy becomes available, students on the subject waitlist will be registered automatically corresponding to your position on the waitlist. An email notification will be sent to you upon successful registration of a waitlisted subject.


Important points to note about waitlisting

1. The maximum number of waitlist credits is 9 credits;

2. Waitlisted subject(s) will NOT be counted towards study load;

3. You are only allowed to select one combination of teaching components per subject;

4. To waitlist a subject, the following conditions must be fulfilled:

  • The subject group is offered to your programme in the semester concerned
  • The subject group is open for waitlisting as indicated by the subject offering department
  • You have not yet exceeded the maximum number of waitlist credits (9 credits)
  • You have fulfilled the pre-requisite/co-requisite/exclusion/PS exclusion requirements of the subject, if any
  • You do not have approved credit transfer or subject exemption of the subject or have not registered/passed the subject in current and previous semesters
  • The subject does not exist in your current waitlist
  • The subject does not time clash with any of the registered subjects
  • The subject is not a second retake failed subject (i.e., prior approval should be sought from the programme offering department and the department will register the subject directly for you upon approval)

5. The auto-top up process runs every 30 minutes from the first day of the Subject Registration Period till the end of the Add/Drop Period. The last round of auto-top up process will be executed at 24.00 after the end of the Add/Drop Period on 11 September 2021. All waitlist queues will be cleared afterwards.

6. During the auto-top up process, the following validation checks will be executed before registering a waitlisted subject for you:

  • Your study load would not exceed 21 credits after adding the waitlisted subject, unless you have been granted to take extra credits by the programme offering department
  • You have fulfilled pre-requisite/co-requisite/subject exclusion/PS exclusion requirements of the waitlisted subject, if any
  • You do not have approved credit transfer or exemption of the waitlisted subject or have not registered/passed the subject in current and previous semesters
  • The waitlisted subject is time-clash free with registered subject(s)

# If you cannot pass these validation checks, the system will bypass your waitlist request and move to the student next to your waitlist position in the queue, and so on until the vacancy is filled up.

With the implementation of the waitlisting function, the 'preferred subject indication' function and 'random release' function of CAR and SL subjects will not be necessary and they will be removed. If a subject which you intend to take is full but is not open for waitlisting, please check with the subject offering department directly if you have any enquiries.

Please also note that the prevailing practice of 'Confirm-Once-Only' on the first day of the Subject Registration Period and the add/drop count restriction during the Add/Drop Period will be removed as well.

You are advised to make use of the Mock Subject Registration Period to familiarize yourself about the new function. For more details of waitlisting, please refer to the User Guide and FAQ. Details of the subject registration arrangements for 2021/22 Semester One (e.g. subject registration schedule, subject registration procedures) will be sent out shortly. If you have any further queries, you can contact us at (852) 2333 0600 during office hours or via email at (as well as at the special hotlines of (852) 2766 5599 / 2766 5191 / 2766 5172 operating during office hours of the Subject Registration and Add/Drop Periods).


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