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Department of Electronic and Information Engineering

Master of Science in Electronic and Information Engineering

Master of Science in Electronic and Information Engineering (Internet of Things)
電子及資訊工程學理學碩士學位 (物聯網)

Master of Science in Electronic and Information Engineering (Multimedia Signal Processing and Communications)
電子及資訊工程學理學碩士學位 (多媒體信號處理及通訊)


Programme Leader: Prof. C. Yu [Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]    


The new Specialism in Internet of Things (IoT) has been launched in 2018/2019 to cater for the emerging needs of IoT experts in the industry. This specialism covers cutting-edge technologies on wireless communications, sensor networks, and IoT applications, etc., enabling students to explore advanced knowledge and develop in the related fields.

Program Information

  1. The Programme
  2. Programme Aims
  3. General Programme Information
  4. Programme Structure and Contents
  5. Subject Syllabi
  6. Dissertation
  7. Subjects to be offered in 2021/2022
  8. Postgraduate Scheme in Engineering Handbook
  9. Programme Leaflet
  10. Contact Us

Admission Information

  1. Minimum Admission Requirements
  2. FAQs on Application Matters
  3. Online Application


  1. EIE Alumni Scholarship offered by the Department
  2. MSc Studentship Project Scheme offered by the Department
  3. Outstanding Graduates Scholarships offered by the Faculty of Engineering

Information for Non-local Students

  1. Useful Information for Non-local Students
  2. Visa Matters for Non-local Students
  3. Immigration Policy on Study for Non-local Students
  4. Immigration Arrangements for Non-local Graduates

FAQs for Mainland Students

  1. 非本地生來港就讀入境安排
  2. 非本地生學生簽證
  3. 非本地生修讀期間工作
  4. 非本地生申請延期逗留以繼續修讀同一科課程
  5. 非本地生修讀完畢後在港工作
  6. 非本地畢業生留港/回港就業安排