Department of Electronic and Information Engineering

BEng(Hons)/BSc(Hons) Scheme in Information and Artificial Intelligence Engineering
(Full-Time) (4-year Curriculum)
(Programme Code: 42481; JUPAS Code: JS3180)
Scheme Leader: Dr K.H. Loo [email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]

We are living in a smart era in which many of our daily decision-making processes are based on the collection, processing, analysis, and interpretation of a large amount of data and information. The availability of Internet-of-Things technologies enables us to collect virtually any data that are useful to our decision making from virtually anywhere, while artificial intelligence and information engineering provide the powerful computational tools for analyzing the collected data intelligently and efficiently to provide us with firmly grounded rationale for decision making. To take advantage of these technologies, various hardware and software systems are required to be closely interconnected through very complex information networks, thus posing security risks when a massive amount of data and information flows through these networks. It is therefore vitally important to protect and safeguard them against various forms of cyber attack. The Scheme encompasses three programmes that are aimed at training professionals who are interested to work in the three closely related and mutually supporting technological areas mentioned above, namely, (1) electronic systems and Internet of Things; (2) artificial intelligence and information engineering; and (3) information security. Depending on their own areas of interest, students admitted into the Scheme are allowed to choose to specialize in one of these three areas.

ESIoT R1   AIIE R1    INS R1 

Students admitted to the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/ Bachelor of Science (Honours) Scheme in Information and Artificial Intelligence Engineering study together during the first year and then complete their preferred programme (one of the above three programmes), normally within three years. Under this arrangement, students can make their choice of study after they have obtained a better understanding of the programmes.