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Congratulations to Dr. Darren TY ZHENG for the successful PhD thesis defense of "Mechanisms of Phase Transformations in Aluminum Anodes for Lithium-based Batteries""


New work by Dr. Darren TY ZHENG on "Exploring the Reversibility of Phase Transformations in Aluminum Anodes through Operando Light Microscopy and Stress Analysis"

Congratulations to Dr. RAN Sijia for the successful PhD thesis defense of "In Situ Mechanical and Electrical Testing of Piezoresistive Nanomaterials"

Congratulations to Dr. Virag Raut for the successful PhD thesis defense of "Towards enabling shape memory ceramics: considerations for stress concentration optimisation through additive manufacturing"

Nature Energy

Exciting collaboration with Prof. Tarascon and Dr. Huang at College de France to realize the start of a new era in battery sensing and real-time monitoring. See our PolyU Press Release as well!

Scripta Materialia

New work as part of collaborations with NTU and KIT exploring how polycrystalline Al transforms to become LiAl. Congratulations Darren for "Granular phase transformation of polycrystalline aluminum during electrochemical lithiation"


Is the composite design used for lithium-ion battery anodes nearing an end? Check out our recent Commentary in Joule to see why we think metal foils have too much upside to ignore. (Email directly for pdf)

Congratulations to Dr. LI Bei for the successful PhD thesis defense of "Capacitive Deionization of Brackish Water with Carbon-based Materials"

Nano Letters

Congratulations to Ms. RAN Sijia for her recent publication: The Limits of Electromechanical Coupling in Highly-Tensile Strained Germanium

Journal of Materials Chemistry A

Congratulations to Dr. Tahmasebi for his recent publication: In situ formation of aluminum–silicon–lithium active materials in aluminum matrices for lithium-ion batteries


Congratulations to Mr. Darren Zheng for his recent publication: Improvement of the Cycling Performance of Al Anodes through Operando Light Microscopy and Kinetic Analysis

Optics Express

Congratulations to Dr. Julien Bonefacino for his recent publication: Impact of high UV fluences on the mechanical and sensing properties of polymer optical fibers for high strain measurements


Current Members


Many exciting new things happening out of the Center for Advances in Reliability and Safety

Former Members

Dr. RAN Sijia

Now at CNRS, France

Dr. Tianye (Darren) Zheng

Now at CAiRS (Center for Advances in Reliability and Safety)

Dr. LI Bei

Now at Institute of Botany, Jiangsu Province and Chinese Academy of Sciences

Dr. Tahmasebi

Now at Dalhousie University

Dr. Tom Glen

Now at the University of Edinburgh

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