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This online resource website is developed to disseminate the outcomes and deliverables of the teaching and learning related projects and other educational development activities funded by the Teaching Development Grants (TDGs) and other teaching and learning grants at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU).

These projects and activities address teaching and learning issues at different levels, namely faculty/departmental, programme and subject levels. The fundamental objective of these projects and activities is to improve the quality of teaching and learning in order to achieve student learning outcomes in both disciplinary knowledge and generic skills.

This website provides access to information of the projects and activities via the 'project pages' and to more detailed information of individual deliverables developed by the projects via the 'outcomes and deliverables pages'. The project pages give full details of each specific project including the names of the project leader and the project team members; project objectives; outcomes and deliverables; and publications. Readers can also access each individual outcome/deliverable directly without going through the project page. The 'outcomes and deliverables pages', in general, include specific description of the item, intended educational value of the item, example of application, evaluation and comments.


The experiences reported in this section are collected from the project leaders. EDC is not liable for the accuracy of information and possible infringements of copyright associated with individual cases.

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