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Dr. Meike Sauerwein is a lecturer at the Division of Environment and Sustainability at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Her research and teaching interests lie in the holistic assessments of the environmental impacts of products (Life Cycle Assessment) and how such knowledge can be utilized for consumer education. Meike has a strong passion in teaching and enjoys exploring various tools and methodologies to make lectures interactive and engaging. She is leading projects on the development of educational tools such as serious games and gamification to teach life cycle thinking and sustainable consumption concepts. Meike recently won the Interdisciplinary Programs Office Teaching Excellence Award 2020 and the Common Core Course Excellence Award 2021 for her individual and team-teaching efforts.

Session Information

Session: Online parallel sessions 1 - Learning from other institutions in Hong Kong

Topic: Futureproofing our students & our teaching – Engaging students in sustainability through interactive teaching styles online & offline

Time: 13.55-14.20

Venue: Zoom (Room 2)

Mode: Online