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Prof Shea Ping YIP

Professor Yip has been teaching Medical Laboratory Science programmes at different levels for over 30 years and has introduced many new features into these programmes. Subjects related to haematology (the study of blood) involve both theories and practical skills. In particular, students have to learn how to examine blood films prepared from human blood samples and recognize both normal and abnormal blood cells. Classically, students have to learn these skills in laboratories through examination of real blood films under a microscope. This is the first time that he has introduced virtual blood slides to teach these practical skills outside laboratory settings with encouraging results.

Session Information

Session: Online parallel sessions 2 – Sharing of PolyU-led learning and teaching project outcomes and lessons learnt

Topic: Flipped practical approach promotes active learning in haematology diagnostics through the use of digitised virtual slides

Time: 14.50-15.15

Venue: Zoom (Room 8)

Mode: Online