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Alexander Taffe

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Taffe studied civil engineering at Aachen University of Technology. Later work in the field of condition assessment and concrete repair at the Berlin office of Sasse, Fiebrich, Schießl, Raupach. Research work at BAM (Federal Institute for Material Research and Testing, Berlin) and PhD in the field of validation of NDT-CE methods. Since 2013 he is professor in building analysis, NDT-CE and concrete repair at HTW Berlin – University of Applied Sciences. He is chairman of the committee of NDT-CE of the DGZfP (German Society of Non-Destructive Testing). Since 2018 he is active in the DADB (German Academy of Digital Education) producing courses in an augmented and virtual reality studio.



Excellent Teaching and the Challenge to Draw Attention

Good teaching is often assumed just to have a good slides that are well presented. No doubt - good presentation with instructive slides is the prerequisite of good teaching. Excellent teaching often comes well-presented and told as a story. The story-telling aspect has to be respected in today’s modern teaching. Can we dare to be too simple in an illustration? The discussion might be controversial. The field of good – and sometimes excellent – teaching is exciting, sometimes a mine field, full of controversies driven by the different attitudes of students and teachers. By interiorizing the demands of both groups, good teachers can be inspired to be assessed as excellent.