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Learning Enhancement Programme

The Learning Enhancement Programme (LEP) is designed to assist freshmen to achieve their academic goals in their first year. It aims to equip students in becoming effective and independent learners. Through the programme, students can acquire the key to effective learning.

Components of LEP include:

Assessment of your Learning and Study Strategies

Every LEP participant is required to complete the "LASSI Assessment of Your Learning and Study Strategies".

Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI) - LASSI is an online Assessment of Your Learning and Study Strategies. It consists of 10 scales, 80 items and provides students with individual profiles indicating the strengths and weaknesses of your learning and study strategies. Based on the LASSI result, a detailed interpretation of your scoring will be provided in an assessment session.

Coaching Session

We offer free coaching sessions where each student can identify and discuss your learning issues or progress with the Faculty Liaison Counsellor.

Learning Skills Training Workshops

Students may register for workshops on useful topics such as

  • Onsite Assessment of your Learning and Study Strategies
  • Effective Time Management
  • Improve Memory for Better Study Results
  • Light Up Your Mind for Active Learning
  • Creating Successful Presentation
  • Critical Thinking to Problem Solving in Learning
  • Effective Use of Study Skills
  • Get Ready for Taking Tests and Examinations
  • Master Your Concentration for Successful Learning
  • Say Goodbye to Exam Anxiety
  • Sharpening Your Reading Skills

Peer Tutoring Service

This service is free-of-charge to LEP participants, and will help them succeed academically by providing study tips, feedback and encouragement. All peer tutors have successfully completed the designated subjects, with grade B+ or above, have good communication and interpersonal skills and are committed to helping fellow students attend the training sessions.

Criteria to complete the LEP:


  • Must complete pre- and post-LASSI assessment at the beginning and end of LEP respectively
  • Attend the pre- and post-LASSI interpretation sessions
  • Report your learning progress and consult your Faculty Liaison Counsellors at coaching sessions
  • Complete the programme feedback form and hand it to your Faculty Liaison Counsellor by the end of LEP

For LEP enrollment, please go to our website at An invitation email will be sent to freshmen in November each year.

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