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Growth Programmes leading to Success (GPS)

GPS supports you to find directions in Ulife, boost your psychological and spiritual wellbeing through a variety of workshops and activities!

Here is a glimpse of our programmes in the coming year:

  • A Good Start to U-Life

Stepping into a new environment, freshmen face multiple challenges. You may experience new teaching methods, meet new faces and be fully independent and responsible for your own studies and personal development.

Want to get prepared for new experiences and make positive changes? This series of workshops will provide you with a roadmap to success in U-life!

  • Self-discovery through Psychological Testing

"Who am I?" "What do I want?" "What is good for me?" As you embark on a new life journey, these are the questions that will steer you towards making important decisions and wise choices.

The Personality Dimensions® (性格透視®), Career Dimensions™ (職向透視™) and Self-Directed Search® are tests which will enhance your awareness of personal strengths and weaknesses, and guide you to understand your interests, values, core needs, characteristics and work preerences for better life planning.

  • Dance Your Way to Happiness

Want to feed your body, mind and soul? Dancing is the way to go!

Your body and movements hold the key to positive self-image and happiness in interpersonal relationships. Join this workshop to strengthen your body-mind connection, de-stress, have fun and meet new people! You will learn to dance SALSA, a popular Latin dance that can be easily mastered even for absolute beginners. The upbeat Cuban music and your dancing partners are guaranteed to make you feel great!




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DSO is dedicated to meeting students’ needs and equipping students for life. DSO oversees the operation of the Centre for Student Advancement and Resources (Centre STARS).



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