PolyU Jockey Club "Operation SoInno"
To tackle social issues through inter-disciplinary community collaboration

Project Website: https://www.polyujcsoinno.hk/

Jockey Club Design Institute for Social Innovation (JCDISI) at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) is to launch a 3-year social innovation programme PolyU Jockey Club “Operation SoInno” to innovate solutions, in collaboration with a wide spectrum of stakeholders, to respond to social challenges with a view to improving life in Hong Kong.

Launched with the generous support from The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, PolyU Jockey Club “Operation SoInno” will put its strategic focus on “double aging” — aging of people and building — the combined impact of which would create huge social problem if not being addressed timely and properly.

In its first year, the programme is expected to come up with proposed action projects for tackling the social issues of “transitional social housing”, “elderly-friendly employment”, “design education” and “inter-generational playgrounds”, through engaging the trans-disciplinary forces of academia, non-governmental organisations, professional bodies, members of the public, corporations and the Government to generate innovative ideas and practical actions.


“One from Hundred Thousand” — a series of participatory symposia and workshops open to the public to collect views on social issues, facilitate discussion and co-create solutions. JCDISI names the platform as “One from Hundred Thousand” based on the belief that if one person from every 100,000 people (i.e. 70+ persons from the 7 million+ population of Hong Kong) can sit together and contribute their time, passion, knowledge and creativity, they can innovate solutions for a specific problem.

“SoInno Action Projects” — innovative ideas generated at “One from Hundred Thousand” will be developed into designs or prototypes in collaboration with non-governmental organisations, professional bodies and academia. 

“SoInno Design Education” — a programme to introduce social innovation and design thinking into the curriculum of secondary school education, to complement STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education with social and humanitarian dimensions for nurturing students as social innovators. Social innovation workshops will be operated for students and teachers and multi-media interactive teaching kits will be developed in this regard.

“SoInno Knowledge Platform” — the social innovation experience and knowledge generated from the programme will be documented and disseminated for public use through various formats, including academic papers, videos, design and practice guidelines, case study reports, workshops, regional and international conferences and exhibitions.



“SOINNO” (For the Chinese title「騷 ‧ In ‧ 廬」)
• Refers to “social innovation”
• “騷” means “unhappiness” and “worry”, but also implies “expression” or “good show” in modern Cantonese
• “In” denotes “trendy thoughts and acts” in Hong Kong slang;
• “廬” refers to place where people live.

Altogether, the Chinese title conveys the spirit of social innovation: “Hong Kong as our home may encounter unhappiness and worries which should be tackled by collective efforts with out-of-the-box thinking and action.”