Thematic Projects
Hawker Reload - Preserve street culture, ensure public safety
The calamitous fire in the mid-night of 30 November 2011 at Fa Yuen Street hawker stalls rang the alarm to the whole Hong Kong society on the need to ensure public safety if we want to preserve the hawker stalls as part of our unique street culture beloved by Hong Kong people. DISI lined up a multi-disciplinary team within PolyU to trigger a social innovation process started with extensive public participation, engaged the stakeholders with co-design workshops, supported by systematic scientific research and verified by robust testing of the proto-type. The final design scheme was passed to the Government to kick-start the replacement of hawker stalls with public resources in all street markets of Hong Kong. As of February 2018, more than 90% of the local hawker stalls have been replaced using the proto-type design and produced by PolyU.

Hong Kong Red Cross Humanitarian Education Centre -- Nurture youths as caring global citizens 
As the notion of global citizenship has progressively made its way into our daily lives, DISI proposed consultancy service for the Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC) to craft a new humanitarian education centre located in the HKRC Headquaters through experience design aiming to promote global citizenship and facilitate a value change for nurturing empathy and solidarity for people around the world suffering from humanitarian crises. Visitors to the centre will experience the harsh and oppressive situation of children in the war-prone areas. Since its operation in May 2016, the centre has received 7035 visitors from 268 schools and groups as by March 2018.

Connectivity in Kowloon East – Urban transformation starts with walkability 
Following the urban transformation principle of “Connectivity, Branding, Design and Diversity” of Energizing Kowloon East Office (EKEO), a Government office set up in 2012, DISI proposed upgrading the back alleys within the Kwun Tong Business Area to improve pedestrian environment. Cooperated with EKEO, DISI mobilized PolyU students to investigate into the traveling pattern and behaviors of pedestrians, unique characters and history of the back alleys. We proposed a comprehensive scheme with emphasis on wayfinding, naming and indexing of the back alleys to capture the lifestyle of industrial heritage of Kwun Tong in its transformation to Hong Kong’s alternative Central Business District. 18 back alleys were named according to their old industrial trades and facelifted with exciting street arts. Exciting street jogging events were also organized by EKEO with thousands of joggers running through these facelifted alleys.On-site surveys conducted in 2016 and 2017 indicated that the pedestrian flow in some of revitalized back alleys has increased by more than 13% to about 18%. 

XCHANGE : Social Gastronomy at Oi!
XCHANGE : Social Gastronomy is an on-going experimental project that explores everyday life from a fresh perspective. The project aims to raise public awareness of the daily challenge from 3,600 tons of food waste Hong Kong is facing and initiate changes and new practices with the aid of design.A small open kitchen was installed at Oi! (“Kitchen”) , and a series of social gatherings were held for a wide range of stakeholders in the North Point and Fortress Hill neighbourhoods. XCHANGE: Social Gastronomy at Oi! was listed among the best 100 designs in the Good Design Awards 2016 by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion. 

Co-creation Programme 
In response to demographic challenges and lack of product and service design for an emerging elderly market, J.C.DISI launched a Co-creation Programme since 2013. This co-creation platform was an intervention to enable community as designer through co-creation design process and to build capacity through matching key collaborators in order to achieve breakthroughs in researching, designing and promoting ‘smart ageing’ products that addressed the needs of elderly people. Throughout the past years, the programme had generated 17 potential schematic designs and three of them has developed prototypes to address the needs.