Vision and Mission

To become a leading institute to trigger social innovation in all dimensions of the society to improve the well-being of the community and people.

To provide an innovative and human-centred platform to ENVISION a better life in the society, to CONNECT people with passion and NURTURE doers of all ages to INNOVATE with collective wisdom to ENABLE impactful action.

Through trans-disciplinary research and extensive collaboration with stakeholders within and outside this University, DISI aims at creating the following visible impacts:

Social Impact – To facilitate proactive policy advocacy and implementation of workable solutions on social issues.

Academic Impact – To facilitate world-class empirical and applied research on unique Hong Kong issues through trans-disciplinary effort and collaboration with entrepreneurs, designers, professionals, technologists, intellectuals, community leaders and stakeholders within and outside PolyU.

Knowledge Transfer – To organize seminars, symposia, community engagement projects and publication of case reports on successful DISI projects for promoting and nurturing a positive and forward-looking community mindset for collaboration and social innovation.