Message from Director
It is of great pleasure that I write this message for the reactivation of the Jockey Club Design Institute for Social Innovation (DISI) to its full operation. We are going to launch a social innovation programme 【PolyU Jockey Club “Operation SoInno”】 (理大賽馬會社創「騷‧In‧廬」) to explore innovative and practical social innovation solutions to respond to social challenges through engaging the trans-disciplinary forces of academia, non-governmental organizations, professional bodies, members of the public, corporations and the Government, and to assist in the formulation of proposals in accordance with the solutions, with a view to improving life in Hong Kong.

DISI also functions as an efficient vehicle to advance PolyU’s commitment on university social responsibility. An example is the Goodseed Programme funded by the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fund of the Government, which is jointly run by DISI in collaboration with the Institute for Entrepreneurship. When opportunity arises, DISI would take up other projects to promote social innovation on request of the University or by other interested bodies.

The core functions of a university are knowledge creation and knowledge transfer. As part of PolyU, DISI would contribute to these core functions by maintaining an optimal balance of social innovation research and social innovation practice. We would trigger social innovation projects which would provide opportunities to facilitate trans-disciplinary collaboration to advance PolyU’s outstanding tradition of applied research. Our ultimate aim is to establish DISI as a solid social asset which can produce significant contribution to improve the quality of living and wellbeing of our people through social innovation and design. Bearing in mind the university motto “To Learn and to Apply, for the Benefit of Mankind”, we are determined to sail through this challenging voyage with support and guidance not only from colleagues of PolyU but also from the local and international community.
Ling Kar-kan, SBS
Design Institute for Social Innovation, PolyU