Beliefs and Strategies

The core functions of a university are knowledge creation and knowledge transfer.  We believe that DISI can contribute to these core functions by a strategy of maintaining an optimal balance of social innovation research and social innovation practice.

We believe that in a shared world, social innovation should be an open process which enables wide participation of various stakeholders.  Participatory social innovation would be the overarching strategy of DISI in developing all our research and practice projects to enable multi-faceted community engagement and multi-disciplinary collaboration.

Splitting views and interests in a complex city like Hong Kong are unavoidable but we believe that the civic society can build consensus based on openness and reasonableness.  DISI can contribute to consensus building with a strategy of promoting an open, creative, rational and action-oriented social innovation process which can mobilize the community’s positive resources and enhance the community’s problem-solving capacity.

We believe that benefits of social innovation should be made tangible and sustainable.  This can be realized by a strategy of stressing the importance of actualizing short-term results to benefit the community and long-term achievements of system changes to sustain the positive impacts.