The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Campus Sustainability Office (CSO)

CSO connects academic and non-academic departments and external organizations and works collaboratively with them to steer sustainability initiatives across PolyU campuses. It hopes to engage to all stakeholders and to increase their understanding and awareness of sustainability, and encourages them to gradually integrate the “green mindset” into daily operations and personal behaviours.

About CSO

The Campus Sustainability Office was officially established in 2015 to coordinate and drive sustainability efforts across the campus through a kaleidoscope of initiatives.

Our Work

The Office advises on sustainability planning and organizes various campaigns and activities to promote and encourage the incorporation of sustainability practices into every aspect of campus life.


CSO issues various publications, publishes stories and tips about sustainability and green lifestyle from across the University and the community.


Policies and guidelines governing the University’s sustainability development as well as the tools for understanding various green features and facilities on campus are available from here.