2 April 2019 (Tuesday)
7 pm
Chiang Chen Studio Theatre, PolyU
Historian-in-Residence Programme: Dr Joseph S.P. Ting
Talk on Merchants on the Sands: Different faiths along the Xinjiang Section of the Silk Road
Date: 2 April 2019 (Tuesday)
Time: 7 pm
Venue: Chiang Chen Studio Theatre, PolyU

Language: Cantonese

Free admission by ticket. 
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Programme details
Xinjiang was known as the Western Regions in ancient times. Strategically located between China and Central Asia, Xinjiang was, and still is, a meeting place of many cultures and faiths. Over the course of history, different faiths including Buddhism, Islam, Zoroastrianism, Manichaeism and Nestorianism, had spread and flourished in Xinjiang, where primitive religion was also practised. Sir Aurel Stein, known for his explorations and archaeological discoveries in Central Asia, described the region as a ‘special meeting ground of Chinese civilization, introduced by trade and political penetration, and of Indian culture, propagated by Buddhism’.
Dr Joseph S.P. Ting, PolyU’s Historian-in-Residence 2018/19 and former Chief Curator of the Hong Kong Museum of History, will shed light on the influences of different faiths along the Xinjiang section of the Silk Road in a talk on 2 April 2019.

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