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Exhibition on “Green Deck” @ PolyU Pao Yue-kong Library (26 November 2018 to 25 January 2019)

Virtual Reality Competition for Green Deck

Green Deck - An Innovative Solution to Enhance the Environment

Neighbouring the heavily-loaded Cross Harbour Tunnel, PolyU has long witnessed problems in the vicinity – poor air quality, overloaded footbridge, poor connectivity within the district and lack of open space.

The University has thus proposed the construction of a Green Deck over the Cross Harbor Tunnel plaza to tackle these problems.

Linking MTR Hung Hom Station podium and PolyU campus, the proposed 43,000 sq. m. deck area can accommodate a wide variety of recreational, cultural and sports facilities while solving existing problems in the district. This proposal will not only provide people with a green open space to unwind from the hustle and bustle of city life, but also help foster sustainable development through a number of research projects undertaken by PolyU experts.

The University is soliciting views from various stakeholders to work out a plan that will benefit the community as well as enhance the environment.

View or download more details on the proposal:
Full version
2014_Feasibility study on the proposed Green Deck

Green Deck as an Innovative Social Project
an innovative solution to problems in Cross Harbour Tunnel vicinity

Green Deck Project Video

Benefits for the Community

URBAN RENEWAL - More than open space

Other than a park of green open space, a viewing deck with Victoria Harbour as the backdrop, art gallery, amphitheatre, sports complex, outdoor exhibition area, play area for the kids, reflection pool are among the items that can be considered for the Green Deck, allowing people to relax and unwind, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

IMPROVED CONNECTIVITY - Save time add convenience

The Green Deck project will enable the provision of an enhanced pedestrian and cycling track network covering Homantin, Hung Hom, Tsim Sha Tsui, Jordan and the harbourfront area, facilitating commuting from one place to another while reinforcing an intimate inter-district relationship and a green life style.

ENHANCED ENVIRONMENT - Fostering sustainable development

A number of research projects are underway with a view to achieving low carbon consumption and emission. An air filtration and purification system including electrostatic precipitators for use to filter and purify the polluted air is being included in the scheme. Reduction of Heat Island Effect will be achieved through the increase in biomass and vegetation.

The deployment of environment-friendly items including photovoltaic cells, wind catchers, solar lighting, recycled grey-water, recycled glass and DeNOx agent are being explored.

Green Deck Related Researches by PolyU Academics

  1. Dr WT Hung_A study on the proposed Green Deck at Cross Harbour Tunnel – Assessment of pedestrian circulation and vehicular traffic emissions
  2. Prof. SK Tang_Effect of the Green Deck on the local noise environment
  3. Prof. SC Lee_Effect of the Green Deck on local air quality
  4. Prof. HX Yang_Renewable energy applications on the Green Deck
  5. Prof. JL Niu_Ventilation strategies for bus passenger waiting areas and boarding passages
  6. Prof. CS Poon_Maximise the use of recycled glass in cement-based construction materials for the Green Deck
  7. Prof. Eddie Hui_The effect of the Green Deck on the local real estate market
  8. Prof. Edwin Chan_A framework for stakeholder engagement to formulate the proposed Green Deck project at Cross Harbour Tunnel
  9. Prof. Frances Wong_The health and social impact of the Green Deck project on the population living in the neighborhood
  10. Prof. Edwin Chan_Costs and benefits analysis on the thermal effect of the Green Deck to the surrounding outdoor environment
  11. Prof. CK Chau_Investigating the effects of greenery on temperature and thermal comfort in urban parks
  12. Prof. Timothy Joseph Jachna_Programme for the Green Deck
  13. Dr SC Hsu_Cost-benefit analysis of the Green Deck development
  14. Prof. HX Yang_Research and development of solar PV pavement for application on Green Deck
  15. Prof. Haiyan Song_The Economic Contribution of the Green Deck Project
  16. Prof. Geoffrey Shen_A Study of the Development Potential in Tsim Sha Tsui East Using 3D Spatial Analysis Technologies
  17. Mr Alex Lui From Grey to Green (Paper for World Sustainable Built Environment Conference 2017)
  18. Mr Alex Lui From Grey to Green (Paper for publication on Academic Star Publishing Company in U.S. in 2017)

Community Engagement

A series of engagement activities will be carried out to solicit views from various stakeholders in the community. Your views are most important to making a dream come true for the benefits of the community.

Please send your views to views.on.greendeck@polyu.edu.hk

Major Public Events

World Sustainable Built Environment Conference @ HKCEC (5-7 June 2017)

Exhibition on “Green Deck” @ PolyU Pao Yue-kong Library (February to April 2017)

Seminar on “Green Deck” @ PolyU Pao Yue-kong Library (7 & 13 March 2017)

Conference on “Green Deck” @ PolyU Innovation Tower - Think Tank (14 December 2015)

"InnoCarnival 2015" @ Hong Kong Science Park (31 October to 8 November 2015)

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