Grand Award
Sze Wing Hang

The winning PolyU 80th Anniversary Logo are formed by two elements: “80” and “PolyU”. For the coloured version, the number “80” is filled with the colours representing individual faculties and schools, with the size of each colour corresponding to the size of their student body. This rightly symbolizes our efforts in nurturing tomorrow's leaders through a wide array of professional programmes in order to cater for the development of our society. The number “0” and the letter “U” are nicely integrated together, making the 80th anniversary logo simple, neat and smart.


Yiu Kan Yan

Hu Tinghao

Wong Kin Tung Antony

Chung Tsz Kin

Lam Cheuk Wang

Yu Ka Kei

Man Chue Fung Yuco

Cheung Chi Biu

Chan Yuk Yin Fanny

Chan Chung Sing Angus

Special thanks to the panel of judges (listed below) for the PolyU 80th Anniversary Logo Design Competition:
Professor Timothy W. Tong
President, PolyU

Mr Freeman Lau
Partner, KL&K Design Limited

Mr Wucius Wong
World-renowned contemporary ink master

Dr Royce Yuen
CEO, New Brand New Limited

Professor Yuen-Tsang Woon Ki, Angelina
Vice President (Student and Global Affairs), PolyU

Professor Cees de Bont
Dean and Chair Professor of School of Design, PolyU