UIC, the worldwide professional association representing the railway sector and promoting rail transport

The International Union of Railways (UIC, French: Union internationale des chemins de fer) is an international rail transport industry body. 

The idea of creating an international organisation, bringing together the railway companies, was developed in the wake of the international conference of Portorosa, in Italy on 23 November 1921, followed by the international conference of Geneva on 3 May 1922.

State representatives favoured the “creation of a permanent rail administration focusing on international traffic for the standardisation and improvement of conditions of railway construction and operations “. The international conference founding UIC was held in Paris on 17 October 1922.

uiclogo evolution
Now, UIC leads an innovative and dynamic sector, helping Members find continuing success and opportunities. Members are invited to take a proactive role in the UIC working groups and assemblies where the railways’ position on regional/worldwide issues is shaped. Active participation in the working groups is a unique opportunity to voice opinions and benefit from the weight of the railway sector at a coordinated worldwide level. UIC is the asso­ciation for technical cooperation amongst railways, and coordinates the sector’s position as it negotiates its evolving relationship with the supply industry and research and develops needs in order to draw full advantage of potential interest to railway companies. Members are regularly informed of key developments on the dossiers UIC deals with and which impact on their activities. This allows Members to anticipate regulatory and technical changes and integrate them effectively and more smoothly into their own business operational processes.