Utilising the strong R&D capacity of PolyU in safety monitoring of high-speed railway system and Hong Kong's advantages in technology, resources and internationalization, CNERC-Rail will establish strong co-operation and bilateral engagement with the National Rail Transit Electrification and Automation Engineering Technology Research Centre at Southwest Jiaotong University. The anticipated contributions of CNERC-Rail to the development of rail transit industry in the Mainland and Hong Kong are as follows.

  • At present, there are several challenges in the high-speed railway operation in China. The world’s cutting-edge monitoring technology will be adopted in the operational monitoring of the high-speed railway system, vehicle system and traction system to speed up the development of high-speed railway in China. The proposed branch will promote the industrial standardisation of advanced operational monitoring system in high speed railway industry;

  • CNERC-Rail will stimulate the development of innovative technology in the high speed railway industry in Hong Kong as well as in China through the standardised operation of technologies, so as to meet the market needs of China’s high-speed railway industry. It will also promote the commercialisation and applications of innovative technologies to gain more social and economic benefits;

  • Taking Hong Kong’s advantages in resources and internationalisation, the proposed branch will promote the international engagements in high-speed railway technology, and transfer Chinese high-speed railway industry towards world’s leading industry by embracing the latest development and experience in the field. In addition, it will lay a solid technological foundation for China’s rail industry to move towards the world market through the establishment of the synergetic R&D platform of high speed railway technology and exchange activities between the Mainland and Hong Kong;

  • CNERC-Rail will contribute to the training and education of high-level professionals and specialists with advanced technology and global vision, and these talents specialised in the development and management of high-speed railway will further contribute to the fast and sustainable growth of China’s high speed activities.