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  • 給非華語學生的語文及溝通科目
  • 中國語言及文化副修課程(供海外學生修讀),由人文學院統籌
  • 香港理工大學國際暑期大學課程的有關科目

視頻: PolyU Chinese Subjects for Non-Chinese Speaking Students


給非華語學生的語文及溝通科目 (只提供英文版本)

Language & Communication Requirements (LCR) aims to help students become effective communicators by developing their language competence for academic and professional needs. All students are required to take 9 credits of LCR subjects, including English (6 credits) and Chinese (3 credits).

Depending on NCS students’ language background and relevant Chinese learning and assessment records, one subject below will be pre-assigned to each student as Chinese LCR.  In addition, a placement test will be conducted at the beginning of each semester to determine the final assignment of Chinese LCR subject.




This programme is a custom-design minor aims to meet the needs of non-Chinese speaking students who aspire to learn about Chinese language and culture while pursuing a degree in PolyU. It is offered in answer to the growing interest of university students in China studies following the country’s rapid economic growth in recent decades. Having a better understanding of a modernising Chinese society through the learning of its language and culture has become an important asset for many university students around the world.

(a) Core (compulsory subjects)


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(b) Electives

為理大舉辦的國際暑期大學課程所提供的科目 (只提供英文版本)

PolyU’s International Summer School offers a diversified range of intellectually stimulating credit-bearing subjects for selection. Participants will be able to gain credits towards their degree and to make new friends with students from different parts of the world. Other than formal classes, a wide range of activities, such as distinguished speakers series, fun-filled activities and educational field trips will also be arranged to enrich their stay at PolyU.

The CLC offers the following Chinese subject for the Summer School:

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