Ir. Dr. Shao-Yuan (Ben) Leu is currently an Associate Professor in the Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He obtained his BS/MS degrees on Wood Processing Techniques from the National Taiwan University (1993-97) and PhD from the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department of University of California, Los Angeles, UCLA (2003-09). He was a lecturer at UC Riverside (2010-11) and a postdoctoral fellow at USDA Forest Products Laboratory in Madison, Wisconsin (2011-13). Dr. Leu’s research interests are in biorefinery and biological systems for wastes and wastewater treatment and its valorization for new generation bioenergy and chemicals. He and other Professors in the Research Institute of Sustainable Development (RISUD) established the BioEnergy Lab, which aims to characterize the physiochemical properties of plant cell wall and forge biomass conversion theories into practices. From pretreatment, saccharification, fermentation, to lignin depolymerization, Dr. Leu’s team has developed a few techniques to convert plant biomass derived from woods, herbs, and even food wastes into useful products, such as bioethanol, 2,3-butandiols, and monolignols. The related studies may be particularly applicable for forestry and waste management in mega-cities like Hong Kong.

- Shao-Yuan (Ben) Leu, Ph.D., P.E (California)

Research Interests

Open Positions

The Green Energy Research Group in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HK PolyU) is seeking for a few Postdoctoral Fellows, Research Assistants, and Student Helpers to support our recent project “New Solvent-Based Biorefinery Techniques to Extract Lignin from Timber Wastes for High Titer Biofuel Production”. The related research topics include, but not limiting to, designing and constructing biological processes and bioreactor for biofuels; “decoding” lignocellulosic plant cell wall structure with advanced technique (NMR, GC/MS) for efficient pretreatment; and/or synthesizing valuable chemicals from biomass extractives. Interested candidates should apply for the position by sending your Curriculum Vitae to Dr. Ben Leu via More details of the positions follow:


Ph.D. graduate in Bio-techniques, Plant Science, or Chemical/Environmental Engineering are welcome to submit your application. Our positions are highly completive. PolyU CEE Department ranked #2 in the world (US News 2022). PolyU has recently obtained a few sophisticated analytical tools for the related research, including a 3rd Generation DNA Sequencer and a 500 MHz solid-/liquid-state NMR.


Current B.S./M.S. Students or Graduate in Environmental, Chemistry, and Biology programs are both welcome to apply for the position. The main duties include supporting the experimental and field works, data analysis, and other related works upon the supervision of the research staff. The position can be either full-time or part-time; and the monthly salary.

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