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The construction industry is fraught with risks that can lead to accidents, financial losses, and adverse environmental impacts. As the industry evolves, so too do the associated risks, necessitating innovative approaches to manage and mitigate these hazards. The Research Centre for Design for Safety at PolyU is envisioned as a beacon of innovation, education, and collaboration, dedicated to pioneering safer construction methodologies through interdisciplinary research and strategic industry partnerships.


Our vision is to harness cutting-edge knowledge and innovations in design for safety to achieve zero fatality and establish a harm-free environment in the construction industry.


The mission of the Research Centre for Design for Safety is to advance the science and practice of safety by integrating cutting-edge research from engineering, environmental science, and systems design. The centre aims to:
-Develop innovative safety design methodologies that proactively mitigate risks in construction projects.
-Collaborate with industry partners to translate research findings into practical, actionable solutions.
-Educate and equip future generations of safety professionals with the skills and knowledge to excel in an evolving industry landscape.


The implementation of design for safety is critical for enhancing safety and reducing accidents in the construction industry of Hong Kong.

Director Photo

Ir Prof C.S. POON JP

Director of Research Centre for Design for Safety

Michael Anson Professor in Civil Engineering

Chair Professor of Sustainable Construction Materials

Head of Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Director of Research Centre for Resources Engineering towards Carbon Neutrality