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Programme Curriculum

Core Subjects 

A wide range of core subjects, focused on the three main areas of studies, is offered. You may click here for their subject details. 


General Civil Engineering
CSE504  Construction Management and Law
CSE509  Quantitative Techniques in Construction Planning
CSE578  Soil Behaviour and Geotechnical Engineering
CSE579  Advanced Rock Engineering
CSE574* Drainage Design 


Structural Engineering
CSE513  Tall Building Structures
CSE519  Advanced Reinforced Concrete
CSE529  Seismic Design of Building Structures
CSE531  Wind Engineering
CSE573  Facade Engineering
CSE577  Advanced Structural Design 


Transportation Engineering
CSE514   Transport Management
CSE516@ Urban Transport Planning – Theory and Practice
CSE561@ Public Transport: Operations and Service Planning
CSE562   Traffic Engineering and Control
CSE563@ Development of Transport Infrastructure 

Recommended Electives
CSE565 Construction Technology
CSE566 Statutory Framework for Construction Practice 

Individual Project / Dissertation
CSE546* Individual Project
CSE590* Dissertation 

All subjects including Individual Project will be offered in semesters 1 and 2 only.
Most core subjects are offered in alternate years while some subjects are offered every year.
@ This subject is included in the list of reimbursable courses for Continuing Education Fund (CEF).

For detailed subject description form, please login the student Intranet of the Faculty of Construction and Environment: www.polyu.edu.hk/fce/postgrad-scheme/index.html