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The hydraulic engineering group comprises 4 academic staff members. They conduct research in the areas of hydraulic engineering and related disciplines: including numerical and physical modeling of tidal circulation, storm surge, solute & sediment transport, wave propagation; as well as data driven modeling of hydrological processes.

The group is very conscious of local and regional needs and efforts have been made to gear research projects towards potential engineering applications. For example, the reservoir flood control operation system developed by a member of the group in collaboration with the Dalian University of Technology has been applied to the Three Gorges Reservoir for flooding system planning, and at the Liao River, Hun River and Tai River for real time operation of reservoirs, as well as in 100 medium to large-sized reservoirs in the Chinese mainland; the third-generation wind-wave model developed by another member of the group was transferred to the Port Development Division of the Civil Engineering Department, Hong Kong Government to study typhoon-generated waves in the northern South China Sea near Hong Kong. The group has extensive experience in physical modeling of hydraulic structures, such as pump-sumps, water intakes and tunnels.

The group has also launched the journal ‘Engineering Applications of Computational Fluid Mechanics' to provide a platform for the dissemination of innovative and practical applications of computational techniques to solve fluid mechanics problems.

Modeling of a pump-sump Modeling of a vortex Intake